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All The Best Beauty Hacks Without the Blood, Sweat, and Tears

beauty hacks


Looking good and feeling fine can seem like a battle at times. Whether it's because you are short on time, money, or motivation, having an arsenal of hidden tricks and hacks up your sleeve can be a complete game-changer. Forget those lengthy full tutorial vids on spending hours contouring or those costly beauty tips that have you stretching your budget to the brim. We have rounded up some of the best and easiest beauty secrets on the web to keep you feeling clean-cut and comely without the need for blood, sweat and tears. Take a look at these easy-breezy beauty hacks...

Makeup Hacks

Use the Triangle Trick 

Fancy a mini facelift to hide the after-effects of a hard day’s night? Instead of smearing your lower eye with concealer which can throw the balance out on your face, you can draw an upside-down triangle with the concealer. Because it has the same effect as holding a light up to your face in the way it casts shadows, it makes you look dewy and fresh.

Tip Your Eyeliner Down for Puppy Eyes

While a perfect cat eye is cool, those who want to make their peepers pop and look larger can drag their eyeliner down when they get to the edge of the eyelid rather than flicking up. This is one of those Korean beauty hacks that has taken the internet by storm. The result is larger looking eyes.

Make Your Own Tinted Moisturizer

Odds are you have all you need just sitting in your makeup bag rather than dashing out to get a brand-new tinted moisturizer. If you have a foundation that isn't quite the right shade or viscosity, simply mix a little in with your fave moisturizer for a fresh-faced finish. Start with a 1.1 ratio and adjust as you go until you get it right.