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30 Intimate Date Night Ideas Beyond Netflix and Chill

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Netflix and chill is so last season, after spending a year doing nothing but binge-watching and cementing ourselves firmly on the sofa, we are totally ready to get out there and explore with all these creative date night ideas.

Whether you are meeting your tinder match for a first date or if you are wanting to spend time with your main squeeze, these great date night ideas can remind you just how much fun you can have when you get creative about all things romance.

From cheap date ideas to romantic date night ideas, we have the lowdown on how to get lucky, nurture a beautiful bond, and generally just have so much fun together with this mammoth list of options for all your date nights to come...


At-Home Date Night Ideas

Not everyone is dashing out of the door right now for a multitude of reasons and that's OK. You don't have to leave the house to have a fun night out on the town. At home date nights can be super intimate, cozy, and a good reminder that you don't have to blow out your bank account to have a memorable night. Take a look at these date night ideas that not only save money but keep you happy in your abode...

  • Play board games. We know this game night idea may make you shudder thinking of family holidays but board games can be super fun for a date night. Get sexy with Twister or see how competitive your love match gets over Monopoly.
  • Have a movie night. We know we said no more Netflix but instead of the doom scroll, a well-planned themed movie night (action, romance, guilty pleasures) complete with junk food snacks is pure snuggly pleasure.
  • Plan a Spa Night. Who doesn't love a long steamy bubble bath (together) followed by a Pedi and face mask or massage or eating fruits in your comfy robe? Turn your bathroom into a spa oasis for this date night. Not only will you both look great but it's a surefire way to unwind any tension or anxiety.
  • Have a pizza and ice cream night. Make your own pizza and follow up with some homemade ice cream for a binge-worthy date made in heaven.
  • Enjoy a sexy scavenger hunt. Yeah, we aren't kids anymore but that doesn't mean you can't plan a swelteringly sexy scavenger hunt. From smoking hot email clues to naughty notes stashed under dinner plates, the prize can be lingerie, a sex toy, or some other hidden delight.
  • Play hotel room. If your budget or time can't stretch to a sexy night in a hotel, you can recreate the experience at home. Fresh sheets, a minibar, and freshly cut flowers can be all you need to get you in the dream vacation mood.


Indoor Date Ideas

Whether dealing with sucky weather or just looking to savor some shelter for your next date night idea, there are tons of indoor choices that will keep you dry, cool, comfortable, and having fun no matter what the conditions are like outside. Here are some of the best year-round great ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

  • Cozy up at a coffee shop. Whether it's your fave, their fave, or someplace new, curl up with a hot chocolate and chat the day away.
  • Browse a bookstore. There's nothing more romantic than perusing bookshelves with your crush. Not only do you get to see what lit they are loving, but it's the perfect chance to pore over the romance poets together.
  • Go to a trivia night. Check out your local bars and see if anyone is hosting a trivia event. It can be so much fun to combine forces and team up to be on top when it comes to what you know.
  • Hit the stores. Whether thrift store or antique store for a spot of window shopping, sometimes it can be fun to explore together and see what hidden gems you can find. Even better, task each other with picking up one small gift for each other and see what tiny treasures you find.
  • Sign up for yoga classes. A lush way to spend some time together, taking a yoga class together will leave you both hot, sweaty, stretched, and utterly relaxed. Sound familiar?


Dinner Date Ideas

From dinner and a movie to bookings at your favorite restaurant, food and dates go together like a dream. A nice dinner just sets the scene for sharing a spoon of your favorite dessert and animatedly talking for hours under the flicker of candlelight. It may sound like a regular date night idea but there's no reason as to why you can't put your own spin on the classic dinner date.

  • Try a new restaurant. It's also a great time to be supporting your local businesses so if there's someplace you've been dying to try it may make sense to splurge.
  • Take a cooking class. When lovers cook for each other it's hot and when you both sign up for a cooking lesson you don't even have to worry about pretending to love their ketchup mac n cheese.
  • Throw a dinner party for friends. Dates can totally be more than two and whether planning a double date or just looking to catch up with friends, throwing a dinner party is all about good wine, good food, and the best company.
  • Go on a dinner cruise. Meander down your local waterway and soak up the sights over a bottle of wine and dinner. Sunset dinner cruises are without a doubt the most romantic.


Fun Date Ideas

If your love language is laughter and you prefer an amusement park to an anniversary dinner, then these fun ideas for date night could be just the ticket. From catching a comedy show to horseback riding or rock climbing, there's a whole host of special date night ideas that can challenge your comfort zone and pepper your quality time together with pure feel-good pleasure.

  • Take a dance lesson. Channel your inner Baby and Johnny Castle from Dirty Dancing as you get up close and personal on the dance floor.
  • Get out of an escape room. While this may sound like grounds for divorce, escape rooms are super fun and can even strengthen your communication skills.
  • Play laser tag. Looking for creative ways to work through that last debate? Laser tag not only helps you channel that rage through a laser beam but it's also a really fun date night idea. A little friendly competition can be a true turn on in a relationship.
  • Sing karaoke. Tasty cocktails, a microphone, and leaving all your inhibitions behind, this is such a fun way to drop the cool act and for everyone to bear their Celine Dion soul.
  • See a show at a comedy club. Laughter is the ultimate natural high and what better way to share it than with your dreamy date.
  • Hit the theme park. Scream in delight (for different reasons) as you ride roller coasters or get wet and wild (careful) at the water park. Go roller skating, play mini-golf, or even hit up the driving range or batting cages, these outdoor dates are jam-packed with fun.


Romantic Evening Ideas

For those old romantics out there who love to plan classic regular date nights, these simple and sophisticated ideas are all about amazing one on one time. Whether mapping out your next valentine's day surprise, celebrating an anniversary or just wanting to bask in the beauty of love and romance, we invite you to light candles, spread out a picnic blanket, hold hands and make soppy eyes at each other with these classic couple date night ideas...

  • Book on a wine tasting. Sip wine and swirl your glass on one of the most adult date nights ever as you sign up for wine tastings. Not only do you get to quaff some awesome wine but these events often include nibbles and are in classy settings.
  • Find a drive-in movie. Bask in this vintage date idea with a classic drive-in cinema event. Getting hot and steamy in the car is so retro that we just love it.
  • Watch the sunset with a picnic. Find your nearest nature trail with a dazzling sunset view and pack a basket with glorious goodies to enjoy as you watch the sky burst into a thousand colors. If the weather isn't playing ball you can even plan an indoor picnic and skip the sunset.
  • Make a scrapbook. Get crafty with this romantic date night that is probably better suited to a married couple rather than a first date. This home date night idea is all about taking a trip down memory lane as you look through old photos and remember all the good times you've shared


Cute Date Ideas

Love is cute and what better way to be adorable than to plan some super sweet weekly date night ideas. These are your picture-perfect plans that will make every day feel like a special occasion. Take a look at some of the most aww-worthy ideas for your next cute date meet.

  • Take a bike ride. Pick a scenic trail or local park and rent bikes to go exploring. This is the perfect chance to dress in your fave Amelie fashion as you pedal, do a spot of berry picking, and generally have a truly wholesome afternoon.
  • Go ice skating. Hold hands, bundle up, catch each other when you fall and generally just have a blast as you take a spin on the ice together.
  • Check out your local farmer's market. Forget hitting the store for ingredients for a delicious meal, look instead to your local farmers market. With a bounty of beautiful produce and cute vibes (not to mention supporting local farmers), this morning out could be a dream.
  • Take a scenic drive. Whether to the beach, the countryside, or just out of town, a mini day trip with your beau is the ultimate way to spend a sweet afternoon together. Crank up the tunes, hit the open road, and see where the day takes you.
  • Volunteer together. Whether it's a day at the local soup kitchen, visiting older folk, or walking dogs at the local shelter, finding a volunteer opportunity is an awesome way to bond and give something back to your community.


What are some of your favorite date night ideas? Are you a fan of the classic movie theater? Do you prefer the allure of the great outdoors? Are you all about hitting up your tried and tested favorite place or exploring something new? Share your date night creative ideas with us in the comments and let's say a big heartfelt yes to doing fun stuff with those we love.


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