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Easy Home Tapas Recipes for Light Bite Date Night


Small sharing plates of edible joy, lashings of sunshine, and jugs of sangria – who doesn’t want to bring more Spanish flair into their life? Tapas makes for an excellent date night choice, whether you are seducing a lover, laughing with friends, or just chilling in your own space. Delicious dainty morsels or messy bread mop ups; the joy of tapas is the fact that you can nibble or feast and there’s always sure to be leftovers the next day. Here are our favorite make at home tapas recipes for your next date night…


Patatas Bravos


It’s not an authentic tapas feast without a bowl of beautifully charred and smoky Patatas Bravos. Buttery Maris Piper potatoes are simmered to softness before being roasted in the oven until crisp and golden. They are then served smothered in a delectable smoked paprika and tomato sauce before being sprinkled with parsley and a crack of sea salt. Pure comfort food. Find the recipe here.


Goat Cheese in Caramel


If your lips are already smacking at this mesmerizing idea of tangy goats cheese baked and then brushed with a homemade simple caramel sauce then this is one for the menu. Serve as a sweetly simple desert with slices of apple or get experimental and make it part of your Spanish cheese platter alongside Manchego and freshly cut bread. Here’s how you do it.


Garlic Shrimp


Seafood lovers will be transported to warm Mediterranean waters and lazy al fresco afternoons as they snack on the buttery bright garlic shrimp zested with dried chile de arbol. Super easy to make once you get past the peeling of the shrimps, this juicy and tongue humming treat is best served with a robust glass of chilled white and hunks of chunky crusty bread. Take a look at the recipe here.


Crispy Tortillas and Guac


A perfect crunchy snack to munch on while catching up with besties, these crispy tortillas and homemade guac are so much tastier than the store-bought version and are really a breeze to make. crispy tortillas are baked in the oven and then used to scoop up the freshly chopped avocado brightened with lime, sea salt, and a handful of coriander. Here’s how it works.


Chorizo and Potato Tortilla


The other kind of tortilla is a must for any tapas feast. The signature dish is similar to a hefty omelet. Made with peeled and thinly sliced potatoes, four eggs beaten to a silky texture, and studded with chopped and slightly spiced chorizo, onion, and parsley – this dish is a dream when cut into slices and served with a dollop of garlicky aioli for dipping. If that sounds like the stuff of legends, here’s how you make it.


Deep Fried Olives


Ever wondered how to make olives better? You fry them! While this recipe won’t earn you any accolades in the healthy eating competition, deep fried olives are incredibly moreish and satisfying especially when served with a chilled beer. You can even up the game by stuffing your olives with garlic or pimento or even cheese before coating your olives in Italian breadcrumbs and frying them in oil for a crispy delicious encounter. If you are ogling over the idea of fried olives you can get the recipe here.

Which tapas delights are floating your boat? Share your favorite magic morsels with us in the comments.

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