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How to Turn Your Bathroom Into a Spa Oasis


We all wish we could spend endless weekends soaking at the spa; from healing hand massages to pure Zen-like spaces, who doesn’t want a place to be naked, relaxed and thoroughly soothed. But for those of us who can’t blow our rent budgets on Four Season style spa stays these DIY bathroom revamps can help to bring a little pampering magic to your place. Check out our tips on how to transform your bathroom into a spa oasis…


A Glut of Greenery


One of the easiest ways to transform your bathroom is to introduce fine foliage. From the sultry shores of Bali to the jungles of Costa Rica, tropical spas come adorned in a blaze of flora. Buy a bunch of plants made to thrive in humid conditions and be sure to include lots of easy to care for succulents so your spa oasis doesn’t look like a limp brown desert.


Create Feeling With Color


Colour can have a huge impact on mood so be sure to consider this when choosing a lick of paint for your home spa. If you have a small bathroom then opting for paler tones can visually lend a lot more space, whereas darker colours will bring a certain cosiness but may shrink the feeling of size. Ocean whipped blues, tropical hues, and pale florals and pastels all bring a sense of soothing luxury.


Clear Out Clutter


If you want to curate that spa vibe its time to go Marie Kondo on your clutter. Your bathroom will feel a million miles from a spa if the sides and sink are over-spilling with toiletries, makeup, and all kinds of chaos. Invest in a good shelving system or if you can’t face hammer and nails investing in some wicker baskets or pretty boxes will also help your oasis to stay organized.


Lighting That Lulls


The whole point of your spa bathroom is to set the scene for sheer relaxation and this can often be achieved through the use of lighting. The last thing you want is harsh strip lighting that glares as you try to glance in the mirror. If you can invest, then muted or dimmer switch lighting can be lifechanging, and if you are feeling extravagant you can easily opt for a few spotlights around the bathtub. Even if you don’t splash out on new lighting features, simply splurging on a few lavish scented candles can instantly soothe your mood and scent the room as an added bonus.


Scented Stories



Speaking of scents, have you ever walked in a spa and felt waves of wonder wash over you? Spas know how to tap into our senses and our mood can shift simply by breathing in something sweet. From calming lavender to earthly rosemary, the kiss of coconut and uplifting lemon – whether you choose to add a few drops of essential oil to your bathtub, to burn incense or to diffuse, you can create a heavenly haven every time you shower.


Relish the Rainfall



You don’t need a full remodel to bring spa bliss to your bathroom if you really want to make an easy difference you can upgrade your showerhead. If you have been holding a grizzly drizzly showerhead then choosing a better head with several settings can make showering a certified pleasure experience in seconds flat. Nowadays you can have showers that thunder, mist and massage, and you can even find showerheads that change colour to match your mood.


Find Some Fluff



Another easy way to trick your bathroom into thinking it’s a spa experience is to update your towels and even find yourself a nice soft fluffy robe if possible. Threadbare towels that fall apart don’t exactly say five-star bliss, but warm cotton-rich towels will make you want to stay wrapped up all day long.


Get a Caddy


The delight is in the details when it comes to whipping up a spa oasis. Get a bath caddy or opt for a small table perched beside your tub as a wineglass rest or place to prop your book or magazine. The whole idea is to curate an environment where you can lock the door, don a face-mask and take some time to truly dedicate to yourself.

We’d love to hear your ideas for easy spa upgrades, feel free to share inspiration in the comments.

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