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9 Tips For The Perfect Comfy Outfit for Travel

travel outfits

Whether you're preparing for a weekend getaway or planning for a few long haul flights, these travel outfit ideas can help you dress both stylishly and comfortably for travel.

Traveling is overwhelming enough without having to worry about what you're going to wear when traveling (especially when in colder climates). Before stuffing your suitcase with every outfit idea you saw on Pinterest, take a look out of these tips for a truly comfy travel outfit that will look good and feel good.

In order to get the most out of your travel outfits , let's start with finding fabulous travel clothes that are comfortable yet chic.

When choosing your travel outfits, keep the following tips in mind:

1. Invest in quality travel clothes that last

There's a reason why your favorite pieces of clothing are usually of high quality: they last. They don't snag quite as easily and they can handle a few tumbles in the washing machine. You want the same durability in your travel outfits as well. We're not talking cashmere-sweater-favorite, we're talking about your favorite leather jacket and wrinkle free materials. Boyfriend jeans and white t-shirt. Midi dresses and loose tailored pants. 

perfect outfit for travel

These linen blend shorts, for example, are both comfy and made of high quality materials, making them the perfect travel shorts. They're lightweight yet durable, thanks to the natural linen material, and go well with both tennis shoes and wedges, a tee or a bikini top. After all, the higher the quality, the longer they last (and the more outfits that you can wear them with).

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2. Dress for comfort

Speaking from (lots of) experience, comfy travel outfits can make or break your next adventure because the perfect travel outfit isn't always just what looks good on the gram. The perfect travel outfit is the one that is somehow appropriate for any unforeseen circumstance... which is bound to happen. From long flights to missed connections, you'll want to feel comfortable from start to finish. That doesn't mean that you're destined to wear just yoga pants or your oldest, most threadbare T-shirt. A crop top and jeans with a pair of white sneakers, for example, will do the job. Just make sure that you won't end up resenting your stylish looks when it's been over 12 hours of wearing them.