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The Astrology of Compatibility: Which Zodiac Sign Should You Date?

zodiac compatibility

Astrology is a dense and complex field of research that has long since tickled the minds of humans-almost as long as the idea of love and relationships itself-but is the secret for a perfect love match hidden in between the folds of our birth charts? Can our sun sign and the other signs in our chart tell us who is and isn't a good match for us?

Truly, there is no way to predict love or understand why we fall for the people that we do (it's a magical, messy and unpredictable anomaly), and yet people often turn to zodiac compatibility for just that sort of thing. The astrology of love and compatibility is just as complex and illusive as relationships themselves.

The Astrology of Compatibility

Zodiac Compatibility is about much more than just sun signs; too fully understand your compatibility with someone else using astrology you need to get a synastry reading done. However, we can wiggle around that a bit by looking into the archetypes of each of the signs to see which ones get along well with one another, which ones clash, which ones are better as friends, and which ones should avoid each other at all costs.

Astrology is heavily based in the Jungian idea of archetypes-a recurring symbol or theme-which is exactly what the 12 zodiac signs are, archetypes! These archetypes help us understand the complexities of the human personality, which can be extremely helpful when we are trying to deepen a love connection or strengthen a friendship.

For this article you're going to need to know the your sun sign, moon sign and rising sign as well as that of your crush, friend, parent, boss, and partner. These three signs make up the three most important aspects of your personality: your foundation, your emotions, and your world view. Compare Your sun, moon and rising with your partners to see if theses signs understand one another or if there are some challenges you need to work on.

Aries Compatibility

Fiery Aries is quick to catch feelings but also quick to drop out of them, so passionate partners who are on the same wave length as them is a must. Like all fire signs, they also have a lot of excitable energy, so they match best with people who are spontaneous and always down for an adventure. Freedom to do things on their own is very important to an Aries, so any sign of clinginess will scare them off.


  • Best zodiac matches: Aries and Sagittarius
  • Challenging zodiac matches: Cancer and Taurus

Taurus Compatibility

Taurus is a grounded, slow to action earth sign, but when a Taurus loves you they will love you for life. They need to build a solid foundation with a partner, whether it's platonic or romantic, so they value a strong bond built over time. They are the most sensual sign, so they are attracted to people who, like them, enjoy the finer things in life like fine dining, candles, good music, a spa day, etc. The key to their heart is through beautiful experiences.


  • Best zodiac matches: Cancer and Leo
  • Challenging zodiac matches: Sagittarius and Gemini

Gemini Compatibility

Mental stimulation is important for air signs like Gemini, you have to keep their mind entertained if you want to keep them around. They are the jokesters of the zodiac, so if you don't laugh at their jokes they probably will move on pretty quickly. This sign tends to have a flirty nature but it's just because they like making people feel good, so jealously isn't going to fly with these social butterflies.


  • Best zodiac matches: Aquarius and Libra
  • Challenging zodiac matches: Capricorn and Cancer

Cancer Compatibility

It's all about emotional connection for water signs, so anyone who isn't emotionally available, or even emotionally receptive, is a major turn off for Cancer. They want to feel heard and seen by their best friends and lovers, but once they do they are the most nurturing partners; making sure you're warm, well fed, and feeling good is how they show their love.


  • Best zodiac matches: Capricorn and Taurus
  • Challenging zodiac matches: Aquarius and Aries