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The Best Colors to Complement Your Zodiac Sign

You know the 12 zodiac signs and which ones to read your horoscopes for, but do you know the power colors associated with them?

Ask anyone working in marketing and they'll tell you about the suggestive power of colors, but what that does that have to do with astrology? All colors have a personality, they can influence our emotions and push us towards new action. The 12 signs of the zodiac are personality archetypes, so certain colors and certain signs share the same vibes.

Making a conscious choice to incorporate certain colors into your style, home decor, or diet can help you invite certain energies into your life; think of it as a zodiac color palette for your life. You can adopt the power colors of your sun and rising sign for magnetic and personal color combinations, or work with all 12 colors of the zodiac-because we actually have all 12 signs in our charts!


Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Power color: Red

The color choice for the sign Aries is red, because Aries is ruled by Mars but also because they're most likely to fall and cut their knees. You can think of Aries as blood red, in fact, you can think of Aries as all the colors of red in the spectrum.

 Red heels and red lipstick is the quickest way to supercharge an outfit with passion. Throw any red statement piece into your look and you instantly become 10 times more powerful and desirable. The more red you wear, the more people are likely to respect your authority!


Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Power color: Green 

Taurus is an earth sign, so shades of green will always be the perfect color scheme. Plus, being ruled by Venus means that Taurus is associated with the heart chakra, and green is a heart chakra color.

Taurus rules over the throat, so eating leafy greens is a great way to supercharge your body with the energy of this sign. All colors of green connect us to Taurus, whether it's forest green or light green, the more you incorporate this color the more headstrong and sure footed you will be.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Power color: Yellow 

Gemini is bright and bubbly, so all shades of yellow are associated with this air sign. The ruling planet of Gemini is Mercury, the planet of communication, so think of yellow highlighters reminding you of your favorite quotes and yellow road signs grabbing your attention.

Being that Gemini rules over the hands, a fun way to incorporate this color into your life is by painting your nails yellow or wearing yellow bracelets. Gemini is a zodiac sign that brings joy into our lives, so the more yellows you wear, the more happiness you will feel!


Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Power color: Light Blue cancer zodiac color

The lucky color for Cancer is light blue, like the color of waves splashing on a beach or rapids raging in a river. All shades of blue will be comforting and feel like home to a water sign since it's a naturally calming color.

Shades of light blue furniture and home decor accents are a perfect way to add more Cancerian energy into your life, as this zodiac sign loves home design. Some benefits of adding light blue colors are that people feel safe at your house, your memory will improve, and you may be better able to express your emotions.


Leo (Jul 23 – August 22)

Power color: Gold

The best color for Leo is gold. Leo is ruled by the sun, and not only does gold sparkle and shine like the sun itself, but it also makes us think of royalty-something that every Leo is.

Gold jewelry, especially worn in excess, can help you find your inner royal fire sign. The benefits of wearing gold is that it inspires confidence and helps us to take on roles of leadership more easily.



Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

Power color: White

virgo zodiac color

Virgo is the sign of the perfectionist, so any neutral color will help to destress this astrological sign. White is the perfect color for Virgo because it's both a beautiful blank slate to work with, but also potentially a big mess that needs to be fixed if someone spills something on it (and Virgo love/hates to clean up a mess).

Mercury also rules over Virgo, so a great way to incorporate the color white into your life and routine is by writing things such as letters, to do lists, or notes down on a stark white piece of paper. The color white just might inspire you to organize and clean your house, or finally finish that project you've been avoiding for the past few weeks!


Libra (September 23 – October 22)

Power color: Pink

Pink is the perfect color to connect us to the fun, flirty personality of Libra. Whether it's baby or hot pink, all the shades and colors of pink help connect us to our romantic and peace loving nature. Plus, Libra is a Venus ruled signs and the two colors of the heart chakra are pink and green!

Buying yourself pink roses would be the best way to invite this astrological sign into your life. Fashion is very important to Libra as well, so wearing any hue of pink is going to invite love, balance, and harmony to you.


Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

Power color: Black

scorpio zodiac color


Scorpio's modern ruler is Pluto, AKA the king of the underworld, so it should't surprise you that black, and all darker colors, are perfect for a Scorpio person. Black is the best color for protection, which is good, because Scorpio doesn't feel comfortable wearing its heart on its sleeve.

Carrying crystals such as black tourmaline, onyx, obsidian and smoky quartz can help to protect you and your energy throughout the day. You may also want to place some of these crystals around your house for protection. The benefits of the color black is that it will ward off negative energy and people.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

Power color: Orange

Sagittarius zodiac color

Sagittarius believes that life is a grand adventure, and many adventures begin under the orange rays of sunrise and sunset. Think of those beautiful rays of orange sunlight illuminating the earth, the way this zodiac sign likes to illuminate the minds of everyone they meet!

A great way to incorporate Sagittarian orange is by eating citrus fruits. Not only will you be inviting the color orange into your body, but the smell of citrus is an instant mood booster. The benefits of incorporating the color orange into your life is enhanced creativity and self confidence.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

Power color: Grey

Think of grey like a beautiful stormy winter's day; Capricorn is curled up at their desk, writing an email and drinking black coffee. Capricorn, ruled by the planet Saturn, values the practicality as well as the coziness of the color grey.

Incorporating this color into your home office or adding it to your work clothes is a great way to connect to your inner Capricorn. Grey is versatile and sleek, but most importantly it's not too distracting, so utilize this color when you need to focus and finish tasks. The main benefit of the color grey is that it can add some much needed stability when the world is feeling chaotic.


Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

Power color: Silver

Aquarius zodiac color

Aquarius is the polar sign to Leo, and silver is the polar color to gold. Aquarius is often prone to flashes of brilliance like lightning striking from the sky, but it's also the sign related to astrology itself, so the silver sparkling of stars makes it the perfect power color for Aquarius.

Silver jewelry is an easy way to incorporate the energy of Aquarius into your day to day life. Being that Aquarius rules over the ankles, Aquarian people may want to wear a silver anklet for good luck. The more silver you wear the more likely it will be to have million dollar ideas come to you-just make sure to write those ideas down!


Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Power color: Dark Blue

pisces zodiac color

Dark hues of blue remind us of the emotional depth and empathic abilities of water; Pisces is the entire ocean. A Pisces person feels the energy of everything around them, so shades of blue, as well as all colors associated with the ocean, such as green kelp, can help to calm them and clear their minds.

Having dark blue bed sheets and pillow cases can be helpful for anyone who has trouble sleeping, as Pisces is associated with the dream world. Your dreams are likely to become more vivid and possibly even prophetic!

What’s your star sign color? Share with us your zodiac sign and fave color schemes in the comments.


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