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The Best Colors to Complement Your Zodiac Sign



From repainting your space to picking wardrobe colors for a look that’s more in-line with your soul, the shades that make you are also written in the stars. Take a look at these colors that suit your Zodiac sign.


Aries: Red Fire



With their ruling planet being Mars, it’s no wonder that the Aries sign falls in line with glimmering pomegranate hues. Whether crimson, flickering orange flame or deep velvet reds, there’s something about the flush of fire that brings energy to the Aries sign.


Taurus: Earth Energy



For the earthly sign of Taurus, they crave that gorgeous sense of grounding and no color suits this better than the fresh and comforting colors of soft green. From pale and comforting sage to seaweed and ocean foam colors, the key is to stick to those gentler shades of green and warm creams rather than go full on spring display.


Gemini: Pops of Joy



The livewire star-sign of Gemini derives such joy from floral blooms and bright bursts of color. The sweet summer child, Geminis do well when they weave in those vibrant block shades of yellow, orange, purple, and blue. For those Gemini’s who don’t want to go for one color, ditzy patterns and florals are ever a popular choice especially as they straddle that side of the Gemini that hates to stick with one decision.


Cancer: Soft Shades



Cancers are such home bods that they require positive cozy warmth in both their home and when it comes to their wardrobe. Pastel hues of sky blue, lavender, pale pink, and whipped up whites will instantly put a Cancer at ease. Anything that is a reminder of a soft summer morning or within the crown chakra colors of lavender will soothe overwhelmed nerves and leave Cancers breathing easy.



Leo: Sun Stroke


The lions roar and a child of the sun, Leo’s love those bright and bursting colors that make them feel alive. From daffodil shades to sunlit hues, Leo’s are brimming with optimism and should select colors that help them to share their bright outlook with the world. They also adore a regal feel, so golds can sometimes be an excellent way to marry majestic vibes.



Virgo: Clean and Simple


Virgos are all about keeping a clean slate and neatly packing life into boxes. The last thing they want is a chaos of color. From blues to white and earthly hues, this is exactly what a Virgo wants to keep them feeling well within their element rather than falling into a state of overwhelm.


Libra: Delicate and Dreamy



There’s a fabulous floaty quality in life that Libra’s love to inhibit. They adore the soft and dreamy shades that capture a sense of sophistication and feminine style. This is another sign that is all about the comfort which is why picking cashmere pink cozy colors and lighter shades lend themselves well to the Libran style.


Scorpio: Statement Style



Scorpios don’t shy away from making a statement. As one of the more intense zodiac signs, they love color schemes that follow this in your face kind of feel. Think hot pinks, eclectic blues, or deep dark maroons that leave more than an impression.


Sagittarius: Purple Plums



As deeply spiritual beings, Sagittarians adore those rich chakra colors. While they may find lilacs a little wishy washy, they love deep plums and dreamy purples that capture the energy of the cosmos. If purple is a little too dark, then opt for blues in midnight and ocean hues to nudge out that much-needed calmer side.


Capricorn: Cashmere Grey



Capricorns are straight-up authenticity and this reflects in their preference for color schemes that are clean, honest, and utterly simple. Opt for cozy greys and neutral shades to gift that sense of sigh in delight calm that carries you to classic elegance.


Aquarius: Ocean Dreamer



It comes as no surprise that the water bearer would be instantly drawn to all those glorious shades of the ocean. Rather than vibrant turquoises and sapphires, Aquarians prefer shades that are softer and bring with them a lullaby of calm.

What’s your star sign color? Share with us your zodiac sign and fave color schemes in the comments.



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