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Why Horoscopes Are Healing Fun


Whether you think the stars are a novel worth reading or simply something pretty to look at, it seems more millennial women are obsessed with horoscopes than ever before. Whispers of mercury retrograde, casual browsing over your Capricorn daily write up, or a glance at which planets are in alignment – horoscopes are certainly having a moment.

Horoscopes have always been a tricky subject; they are considered to be a bit of tongue in cheek fun, dabbling in fluff, or just plain nonsense by many people. But millennials seem to be drawn into the starry drama, the question is why?


Breaking Life Down into Digestible Bites


Arguably, astrology is an amazing match for the internet era and especially finds its footing in meme culture. Scroll social media and no doubt someplace in your feed will be space for a positive uplifting meme – a mindful slogan scrawled across a picture of a girl gazing wistfully at the galaxy. A little reminder that life may be hard, but strength is infinite and we are all in it together.

Astrology echoes this sentiment – it takes big complex ideas about life, behaviour patterns and cycles and breaks it down into easily digestible chunks. It gives us a vocabulary to cope with challenges.


A Reminder That Everything is in Flux


Speaking of challenges, this is another area where horoscopes and astrology can have amazing psychological healing properties. If you are having a god-awful week where everything you touch falls to pieces, your moods are all over the show, and your anxiety just can’t be eased. Turning to your horoscope and you see that next week things will start to look up.

It feels like a weight has been lifted. The stars and the planets are ever in flux, and astrology and horoscopes remind us that just because it's bad now, doesn’t mean it will be bad forever. Everything works in a cycle; whether we believe in astrology or not, cycles are a part of our world – from the seasons to the moon, everything is always shifting (including our moods).


Getting Closer to Ourselves


We all know that horoscopes, star signs and astrology work on the assumption that people born at a certain point in the year have certain personality traits. Whether you find this hard to swallow or not, there is a certain fun in following your eyes at someone who is being ‘such a Gemini’. While there may be a consensus that this mindset can box people in it can actually help us to get closer to understanding ourselves.

Reading all the traits of your star-sign can invite you to reflect on your own personal behaviour patterns and to accept elements about yourself that you may wish to change. For example, if you read that Virgos are detail-orientated you may finally find some comfort and acceptance in the fact that you aren’t a fly by the seat of your pants character. Whether it comes from reality or projection, accepting who we are is always positive.


It Helps Us Embrace Our Feminine Power


Horoscopes and astrology have always been aligned with the universal mystique and there has been a lot of push back over centuries for being into ‘witchy things’. It almost comes as an act of rebellion to be into horoscopes and it invites us to embrace the feminine, the unknown, and the element of mysticism that softens and shapes our universe.

As women we may sometimes feel less in control of our own lives, let’s remember it wasn’t so long ago that we had to ask for a husband’s permission to even open a bank account. Horoscopes and astrology can give us a sense of stability and control, even when we note that things are ever-changing, it is a stance of power to hold that.

What do you think about horoscopes? Share your fave star sign traits in the comments.


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