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Leo and Libra Compatibility: Love, Sex and Conflict Resolution

Leo and Libra Compatibility


What happens when you mix the most fabulous fire sign with the prettiest air sign? Is it true love for life or is it just a bunch of hot air blowing in the wind?

Leo and Libra seem like a perfect match on paper, they're both in love with love, like being in the public eye, they tend to be beautiful people, and they have an artistic flair-they could even become one another's muse.

But being hot and artsy isn't always enough to keep a relationship afloat, so let's dive into the compatibility of these two signs to see if a Leo Libra relationship really has what it takes to stay together.

Leo and Libra Compatibility

Compatibility astrology is actually called synastry, and it's a lot more complex than simply looking at the compatibility of just two signs. In a synastry reading you compare and contrast the full birth charts of two people to see all the ways in which your planets interact.

But in this article we'll be looking at the archetypes of these two signs to see if they're a home run or if they need relationship counseling. We know that people are a lot more than just they're sun signs, but if you and your friend or partner have a Libra or Leo sun, moon, or rising sign then this article will help you understand the characteristics and balance of those signs a lot more!

When looking into the dynamics of a relationship there are 7 important factors of a healthy relationship: teamwork, communication, romance, sex, arguments, conflict resolution, and values. So we'll be looking into how both Leo and Libra approach those topics and how they handle them together in partnership.

Is Leo and Libra compatibility a winning match or a spark that quickly fizzles out? Let's see!


leo libra love match

Compatibility Rating: 3/10

Leo is a fire sign, and their symbol is the lion, so they tend to speak a bit more off the cuff then other signs, but that isn't to say that Libra doesn't have the gift of gab. Libra communication comes easy because Libra is an air sign, and no one can talk like an air sign.

Still, the sheer ability to say a lot of words doesn't necessarily equal good communication in a relationship.

Leo, in medical astrology, rules over the heart so that's exactly where they speak from. Leos are going to tell you how they feel exactly when they feel it, which is not going to be the case for their Libra partner. Libras usually just want to keep the peace, so they have a bad habit of not always sticking up for themselves or sharing how they truly feel. Plus, Libra's indecisive nature will probably keep them in the back seat of most decision making in their relationships.


  • If Libra can learn to voice their needs, wants, desires and feelings then this is a good match, otherwise they are likely to get steamrolled by the big personality of their Leo partner in a friendship or romantic relationship.


leo libra match

Compatibility Rating: 9/10

Leo is used to being in the spotlight and their bright, yet commanding, personality gives them great managerial skills. Leo is great at being in charge and leading the troops; Libra is a cardinal sign which means that they are great leaders as well, but they don't feel a deep need to be in charge at all times! Libras love working with others as opposed to doing things alone, because Libras do feel more comfortable in relationships.

When it comes to something like planning a party, Libra and Leo will surely have a lot of fun ironing out the details and bringing it to fruition. Something more complicated like moving to a new house will probably go smoothly as well, with the Leo partner playing more of a leadership role and the Libra partner happy to not have to do the heavy lifting.


  • Libra and Leo truly have a perfect balance when it comes to sharing the workload, and that's going to set them up with a solid foundation of friendship for life.


leo libra compatibility

Compatibility Rating: 10/10

Let's be honest, both Leo and Libra are total saps for love. There are plenty of other zodiac signs that also love love, but these two have a very similar style of love.

I always say that Leo's top love language is all 5, they could never choose just one! The thing about Leo compatibility when it comes to love is that they want all of it, but it's because they want to give just as much (if not more) in return. Leo love is big! They have huge hearts and so much love to give! And while their love is very much real, they are performers, so they want to show it off for the world to see.

Libra compatibility, when it comes to romance, is so important because Libra is the type to start planning their wedding in the 4th grade, so to have a partner with that kind of commitment to romance is a fairytale dream come true. Libra is ruled by the planet Venus, so love really does rule everything around them. Libra love is really about all the bells and whistles, they want the roses, the candy, the love notes, the cuddles, a billboard proclaiming your love-and Leo is more than down for all of that!


  • A perfect (romance) match!