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9 Design Tips for a Sexy Bedroom That Will Create Magic


sexy bed


Your bedroom is your sacred space. About half your life is spent there, whether sleeping in sheer bliss, sharing time tangled under the sheets with others, rousing and ending each day. This is a powerful space and the vibe of the room can have a huge impact on how we feel. It's the first thing you see each day and how you set the mood for rest and play.

Curating a magic sexy bedroom can help you sink into sensuality, encourage intimacy, and serve as a beautiful backdrop for all your bodily self-expression.

A sexy bed, beautiful bedroom design, and luscious linen - while it may seem superfluous, sex therapists actually believe that this stuff can have a positive impact on your sex life.

If your bedroom resembles a chaotic bomb site, has remnants of your work-life everywhere, or is full of kids toys, it serves up a whole side dish of distraction.

What you want to create in your master bedroom is a place where you can be transported to another realm. If you want to be tantalized by some tips for weaving together a world that oozes sex appeal and makes you feel like the glowing goddess you are then keep reading...


1. Add Mood Lighting


Bright and harsh lighting is the opposite of relaxing and does little to set a sexy mood. But harsh black lighting kills the mood even more. According to a study by the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology, bright lights increase sexual satisfaction in men.

So exactly what kind of lighting should you choose, then?

Well, ElectricalDirect analyzed the HEX codes and brightness of 50 of the most memorable sex scenes in both TV and film to answer that exact question. According to the analysis, the scenes averaged a brightness level that was right in the middle of complete darkness and full brightness. 

So the best mood lighting turns out to be dim enough for you to be comfortable but bright enough for you to see the sexy scene unfolding before you.

Keep your space mellow with a few low lighting warm lamps around the room. This will also make it easier for your body to move into space for sleep. Consider adding some fairy lights for more romance and glow and to bring that sense of fun magic. For those seeking a super slick and mature mood, you can invest in a dimmer switch to instantly bring that low light style. Wall sconces are another sophisticated way to welcome a change in lighting. Candlelight is a magic touch that doesn't just bring romantic vibes but candles also welcome sexy scents too.

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2. Add Green


Bringing a plant (or 2, or 3 or 5,000) into your room will help to soothe the mind and body. Plants provide a delirious and delicious dose of oxygen to help cleanse the air for better sleep. The calming splash of green also adds a new focal point that will satiate the eyes. If you can't be fussed with the idea of keeping plants watered and well, you can also choose fresh flowers instead. Having floral blooms adorning your room not only lends that lush hotel energy (making everything feel like an occasion) but is also an interior designer trick for bringing color, beauty, and self-love into your space.


3. Pare Down + Tidy Up

how to have a sexy bedroom

Keeping your room clean is key to keeping it serene. So how do you do this?

"Avoid oversized furniture, especially if you have a small bedroom," says Rachel Sommer, PhD, co-founder of My Sex Toy Guide. "Instead, focus on color coordination, lighting, visual cues, and arrangement for a deluxe yet subtle look."

Making your bed is the easiest way to keep your space looking tidy on a day to day basis, but definitely invest an afternoon to de-clutter. Make sure your bedside table only has what you really need (candles or aromatherapy spray and flowers are also an extravagant touch) and nothing work-related. You probably have lots of things scattered around that can be moved into other rooms or tucked into drawers. Tidying and decluttering will open up your space for chiller vibes.

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4. Choose Décor That Isn't Distracting

how to set the mood in the bedroom

Adorn your walls with beautiful, serene, inspiring, or sentimental art and photos. What you look at every day has an impact on your mood and can be uplifting, so be sure to keep that in mind while choosing what to hang - it should spark joy and inspire you. 

But you'll want to keep a few things OUT of the bedroom if you're looking to create a sexy environment, according to Sandra Myers, President of Select Date Society.  This includes "family photos, pets, dirty laundry, a television set, laptops in bed, or anything that can distract you from giving your partner your undivided attention."

Dr. Emily Stone, PhD, LMFT and Senior Clinician at Unstuck Group agrees: 

"More than satin sheets or candles, cleanliness and lack of clutter is sexy. You want to feel free and relaxed. The outer state of your room will affect the internal state of your mind."

Even if you're just trying to set the vibe for yourself, these things can kill the mood just as quickly as the right kind of artwork can set it.


5. Choose Soft And Muted Colors

sexy bed with neutral colors

While painting your walls in deep dark colors can seem like a sexy idea (it can be), you may be better served with warm white walls. Dense color and boudoir shades can be a little claustrophobic and too heavy. If you crave that splash of warm sexy color, then you can choose an accent wall to run wild with.

Cold colors won't do much for stirring up the soul either. April Maccario, founder and sex advisor at AskApril, recommends choosing muted colors. "Swap brightly colored sheets and rugs for slightly muted ones. Bright patterns with complicated designs can distract you and clutter your mind."

Select shades of soft warmth - pale greys, lavenders, dusky rose, and tan. Think soft or opt for neutral and welcome pops of brightness in your other decoration. A throw pillow, a patterned comforter, and other bright textures can truly change the color scheme of a place.


6. Make Your Bed Comfy (And Versatile)

how to set the mood

Now we get to the star of the show! The bed is the epicenter of all bedrooms and should be dressed to impress. Nothing says hell yes this is a bed to roll around in like an ornate bed frame, pretty throw pillows, and high thread count sheets in soft Egyptian cotton.

So often, we overlook the importance of a good bed and especially a good mattress...

... and the right kinds of pillows.

"It’s also a great idea to include a variety of different pillows on your bed— think different shapes and sizes," says April Lampert, Sex Educator and Co-Host of the Shameless Sex Podcast. "These can be used for support when you’re trying out different sex positions. A little bit of a wedge can make a huge difference."

Having a good bed with beautiful sheets is also essential to creating a romantic bedroom that you want to stay in. If you can, invest in a couple of sets of decent sheets and rotate. Opt for bamboo sheets for a luxuriously soft feel or linen sheets for a cozy breathable haven. The sheets will make all the difference between a crumpled mess and a hotel-like haven.


7. Choose Soft Fabrics

soft bedding


Senses matter when it comes to beautiful and sensual bedroom décor. Bring all the elements of touch into your bedroom whether it's through cozy linen sheets, billowy curtains, a fur rug underfoot as soon as you step out of bed, or beautiful blankets, fluffy bathrobes, and silk dressing gowns - these little touches for touch are the kinds of things that matter when making your oasis.


8. Have Your Toys at the Ready


Make foreplay fun easy to reach and fill your nightstand or nearby drawer with Valentine's day inspired treats. Think sexy lingerie, a silk blindfold, your fave toy, whipped cream, and whatever little something most inspires you to feel more tingly inside. Just having these items close by is said to boost our feelings of sensuality. 


9. Go Beyond the Bed


Sexy is so much more than a physical space, it's an internal space too. If you want to light your fire and become sexually empowered, then there are tons of ways to welcome sensual energy into your world. From turning up your favorite music to dance, moving the body can be a beautiful way of getting back in touch with the body. Wear silk and satin and materials that feel good against the skin. Put your hair in curls, splurge a little money on an item you love, and do all those small things that make you feel good and more energized when with your partner.


It can be easy to slump in the living room and watch TV, and rather than a huge overhaul of who you are, just the little things can make the greatest change for someone. Micro habits matter, surroundings have an impact, and all of this contributes to how we feel about ourselves. By tweaking your bedroom and keeping it clean and beautiful, you can truly up your confidence, luxuriate in the little things, and feel sexy as hell.

How hot is your home décor? Does your bedroom need a facelift or are you already living a chandelier and candle life? Share your sexy bedroom tips with us in the comments and let's welcome more magic into our world.


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