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DIY Gifts That Are Just Gorgeous


Cash poor but time rich this Christmas? Or just looking for creative ways to show people they mean something more to you than a pair of novelty socks? Over the years, homemade gifts have garnered traction. People have come to truly appreciate the fact that a DIY gift holds so much sentimental value. DIY gifts show that you have given thought and time to make something for someone and that is an effort that truly has the edge over generic gift-giving. DIY gifts are a great option; not only are they usually a budget-friendly option when it comes to present swapping, but they are also fun and utterly unique. Here are our favourite ideas for DIY gifts that are absolutely gorgeous.


Cookie Cans


Grab one of those empty tubes of Pringles that you have lying around, pick up some pretty paper, a pair of scissors and get busy crafting these gloriously festive cookie cans. Super simple and a very budget-friendly option, these cookie cans look great beneath the Christmas tree. We recommend baking some seasonal cookies to stuff inside, but if you don’t have time to pump out batches of cookies, you can fill with candy, fudge and even dog treats if you are making one for a beloved family pet. Cute.


Agate Coasters


Forget those cheap cork coasters and forget splurging on decorative homeware when you can craft these absolutely dreamy Agate style coasters. Ok, these are a little more effort than your usual home craft afternoon, but if you can face working with clay then they aren’t too difficult to master. Simply roll out into circles, bake in the oven, and then get busy with the paint and even line with gold leaf edging for a truly classy look.  


Christmas Hamper


Who doesn’t adore a good hamper? They are so much fun to fill and even more fun to unpack. The best thing about hamper giving is that they can be DIY designed to truly match the spirit and soul of the receiver. Whether you want to pack a bubble bath pamper hamper or choose a wine and cheese tasting hamper, there are a thousand ideas to suit the season. Buy a wicker basket and fill with treats. Wrap a bow around it and Bob’s your uncle. We love these gift basket ideas from Country Living.


Essential Oil Soaps


Everyone loves a touch of pampering come Christmas but rather than splash out on pricey perfumes, how about these stunning essential oil soaps? Filled with all the bountiful health benefits that essential oils can bring, these gorgeous handcrafted cruelty-free soaps look like the real deal, and even come with printable labels for that elegant final flourish. Cinnamon, orange and clove take centre stage for a Christmassy scent to make you swoon. Simple and stunning, these soaps are easy as long as you get the base ingredients.


DIY Board Game


Christmas is all about friends, family and fun and there’s no better way to bring everyone together than with a board game. But not just any board game! How about your own personalized version of Guess Who. Using snapshots of all those you know, a wooden board, and some card and glue, you can whip up a great board game. Now, you will need to be a little handy in order to get the hinge mechanisms going but it isn’t too painful to perfect. If you have a board game geek in your life, they will adore the time and effort, not to mention the many laughs, that your personalized keepsake guess who game will bring.


Mason Jar Cocktail Kit


How chic and cute are these homemade Mason Jar Cocktail Kits? Super simple and sure to bring a boozy grin to anyone’s face this Christmas, these mason jars come with more than a dash of celebratory delight. There are tons of variations on the Mason Jar Cocktail Kit, whether you want to add a miniature spirit and mixer or if you want to shake up some hot buttered rum, the mission is the same – get a jar, make it gorgeous, add some booze. Merry Christmas!

Which homemade delights are making your list this year? Share ideas in the comments.


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