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Here Is Your Zodiac Sign As An Outfit (And Where To Get It)

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Modern astrology has many uses, it can tell you if your crush is a good match, when the best time to dye your hair is, and even which outfits would look best on you. Seriously, there's not much your star sign can't do at this point in time!

If you've been looking in your closet and feeling pretty blah, fear not, astrology has the answers!

The Zodiac Signs Outfits We Are Loving

In 2021, we are beyond simply knowing our sun sign, in fact, chances are pretty good that any random stranger on the street knows most of their astrology chart. With all this zodiac sign knowledge in the collective we can put it to good use: to pick out an outfit.

For this you'll need to know your rising sign and your Venus sign. Your rising sign rules over your physical appearance and your own personal identity, think of it as who you see when you look in the mirror. Your Venus sign gives you information about what you find to be beautiful; your own personal style can be found in this area of your chart.

So scroll down and find your rising and Venus signs, read about your dream outfits and then get to shopping!



  • Trendy sneakers and leggings, or a crop top and fitted jacket

Aries is ruled by the planet Mars, so they have a lot of energy! This zodiac sign tends to need to move their bodies, whether they're athletes or not, so the signature outfit for an Aries is athleisure. It's important that their outfits feel good and look good because they need outfits that move with them. In this day and age athleisure can be worn and styled for just about any occasion, so day or night, going to the park or going to the club, Aries is going to be ready to race or dance all night long.



  • A slip dress and doc martens, or velvet bell bottoms and flowy top

The second sign of the zodiac is ruled by Venus, so looking good is extremely important to them. However, since Taurus is an earth sign, it's equally important to feel comfortable. Clothes that are fabulous, soft, and maybe even a little pricey, are the ideal choice for a Taurus. Lush fabrics like silk and velvet are their favorites because they make any Taurus rising or Taurus Venus feel confident yet cozy.



  • Tall socks and shorts, or baby doll dress and a leather jacket

Every Gemini needs a versatile wardrobe; bright and bold colors as well as timeless everyday fashions that can be worn with anything. Gemini is an air sign, so when it comes to their idea of the perfect outfit, that's going to change as often as the wind does. One day they might want to channel their inner baddie and the next day they're wearing a Halloween costume in July-just for the shock value. So every Gemini needs a closet that is equal parts bold and classic, so they can follow their zodiac fashion whims any day of the week.

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  • Long flowy dress with a flower crown, or a plaid skirt and mary jane shoes

Cancer is a nostalgic and sentimental sign, so they have a hard time donating clothes or even throwing out any items that have been worn to pieces. Cancer is definitely the type to hold onto their camp shirt from the summer when they were 13 forever. Cancers do have a great fashion sense though; flowy sundresses, overalls, comfy leggings, elegant ball gowns, long wavy hair. No one is as good at adding a dash of romance to their outfit as Cancer is.

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  • Skin tight red dress with pumps, or a matching printed pant-top combo

Leo's are known for their flashy fashion sense and out of the box style, so if you're rising or Venus is in this show stopping sign, your wardrobe is top tier. This fire sign is ruled by the sun, so Leo feels most comfortable when the spotlight is on them. Bold colors like red look amazing on Leo, so do animal prints. It's hard to rock a cheetah print dress, but Leo can! Bold looks, big accessories, and trend setting outfits are always going to be in style for this zodiac sign.