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Your Best Morning Ever: 4 Steps to Try Now


How to have your best morning ever? The first thing we tend to do upon waking is focus on what needs to be done, which can have us falling into leftover stress from yesterday, and that’s no way to begin your day. You deserve an amazing start, so try these 4 simple steps to get you aligned with your best self and have your best morning ever.  


 1. Ground in Gratitude - As soon as you open your eyes, focus on grounding into your body. What feels good? Put your attention on the way your pajamas feel on your skin, give thanks to your bed for supporting you through the night, feel the pillow fluffy against your head and so on. Taking a moment before you get out of bed to ground yourself and practice gratitude is the best way to begin your day on the right foot.

2. Power Pose Stretch - Once you jump out of bed, put a twist on your morning stretch by making it a power pose. 


Body language and its link to positive hormone levels and attitude is lauded by personal development gurus and even a Harvard University study.


Standing in a powerful position (think Wonder Woman’s strong stance) for a couple minutes will get you moving and grooving out of bed and into your day.



3. Love on Yourself - As you pass yourself in the mirror on the way to the shower, give yourself a hug and a kind word. It could be as simple as “Good morning! I love you!” or try adding in affirmations. These may feel strange at first, but that’s all the more reason to make them into habit. If you’re new to affirmations, there are plenty of guided tracks you can find on youtube to try out and explore what feels good to you.

4. Mentally Frame Your Day - As you go through your morning routine, instead of going over your list of To Dos (I promise they’ll be waiting for you) take this time to mentally rehearse the best vision you can dream up for your day. Do you want to show up smiling and spread joy to your office? Do you want to accomplish something you’ve had on the back burner for a while? Focus in on how you can be your best self for the coming day and envision it like an athlete prepping for a big game.


Lastly, it never hurts to try something different. Make a little time for yourself in the morning and incorporate these new ideas to get new results. I believe in you!

Let us know which of these tips you love in the comments.


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