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Using your Vulnerability for Greatness


In her viral TedTalk, Brene Brown taught us that vulnerability is incredibly powerful. Both Forbes and Entrepreneur magazines list vulnerability as top qualities of leaders. But a lot of us have been taught that vulnerability is a weakness. Let’s kick that limiting belief to the curb and embrace why vulnerability makes us great.


You could say the biggest reason we are on earth boils down to our connections with others on earth. Without allowing ourselves to be vulnerable we could never make these connections. It takes courage to make new friends, ask someone if they want to spend time together, even send an email invite or job inquiry. It’s this willingness to be vulnerable that allows us the opportunity for deeper connection…so to be vulnerable is to be brave.


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So being vulnerable is brave, and using that shift to know you’re coming from a place of bravery (not shame) can be just what you need to get your attitude in the right place in order to go after your desires - whether a new career path, new relationship, etc. Vulnerability is also courageous, as in willingness to share our story from a place of strength. There’s nothing weak sounding about that to me.


Research shows that the biggest predictor of whether or not we feel love and belonging is if we believe we are worthy of love and belonging. Pretty powerful, right? This means you can work on shifting feelings of not enough to feeling whole-hearted, and that work begins inside you. Start by making a list of things you love about yourself and let how that feels be your guide to how worthy you feel. (p.s. You are totally worthy)


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Embracing Your Vulnerability

When you can become comfortable, even in the discomfort, of what makes you feel vulnerable, that is when you can truly get beyond yourself in order to be authentic enough to forge new connections, courageous enough to accept yourself and go after what you want, and feel worthy enough to be at peace in your own skin. And that is the power of vulnerability.

We invite you to be vulnerable enough to evaluate how these aspects feel to you and what you can do to shift and embrace them. Let us know how this feels to you in the comments!  

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