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Uranus Retrograde 2021: Here's What To Know For Your Sign

uranus retrograde


Uranus, the planet of revolution, technology, science and abrupt change, will station retrograde this year on August 19th.

This planet has been a big influence in 2021, making squares and oppositions with most of the other planets and causing general chaos.

So what does it mean for you when these heavy hitter stations retrograde in your natal chart?

How Uranus Retrograde 2021 Will Change Things For Your Sign This Year

Uranus retrogrades aren't really something to fear. The outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) station retrograde once a year and they stay retrograde for about 5-6 months. So, for half our lives these planets are usually retrograde!

What are retrogrades?

Because planetary orbits are in the shape of an oblong circle, there are times when they appear to be moving backwards in the sky away from Earth. None of the retrograde planets are ever actually moving backwards, but in relation to us they do actually grow much farther away at certain points in the year.

Mercury is retrograde three times a year because of how fast it moves and how close it is to the Earth. Mercury retrograde periods are much more packed because it only has 2 weeks to dish out all of the lessons. So, the farther away the planet is, the less detrimental the retrograde period is because it has more time to work with you.

During Uranus transits you can expect the unexpected, on a personal level and on a global scale since Uranus is a generational planet (because it moves so slowly, it stays in one sign for 7 years). So, Uranus retrograde will shift this unpredictable energy inward in the coming months after August. For you, this will manifest as sudden epiphanies and shocking revelations.

To find out how your mind is going to be blown by Uranus energy in the rest of 2021 scroll down and read for your rising sign.