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The Beauty Risks Worth Taking Right Now (because no one will see you)



If your best silk shirt is still on the hanger and your perfume untouched it can only mean one thing. Lockdown and nowhere to go. While it isn’t a great time of year for flaunting your finest styles, the so-called ‘Great Pause’ does give us the opportunity to play around with experimental beauty techniques. From hacking off your own hair to questionable stay-at-home facials, here are the beauty risks worth taking right now, because even if it all goes wrong no one will see you…


Not Washing Your Hair


Risky business for those who have to leave the house, but if you have long been interested in the ‘no-poo’ movement, this could be the perfect opportunity to ditch shampoo. Some people find amazing success when not washing their hair. Sure, it is icky at first – but after a while, the hair will start to regulate. Those who vouch for the skip shampoo method say that hair can become thicker, cleaner and the scalp less oily – but this can take 6 months or more. Of course, you want to cut out potential odors and itching so rinsing with baking soda and a smidge of apple cider vinegar can be a good middle-ground for keeping hair and head squeaky clean without the chemicals.


Give Your Skin a Break


If you are someone who tends to turn to makeup on a daily basis before stepping out, this could be the perfect time to skip out. Lockdown gives us the chance to give our skin a little bit of a breather. While a touch of mascara doesn’t cause harm, heavy foundations and blush can clog up our pores and lead to outbreaks that we then feel the need to cover with more foundation and blush. Leave your skin naked and bare and see what happens.


Opt for Natural Deodorant


There’s been some controversy around deodorant for a few years especially as the antiperspirant kind can block your pores. Our body needs to sweat it out, its how we release toxins from our system. Instead of piling on the antiperspirant, why not take advantage of lockdown and being far from crowds to turn to natural suggestions instead. Salt crystal deodorants are a great alternative and many come scented with natural oils like lavender and eucalyptus. The more time you spend with natural deodorants the less you tend to sweat, so if you are looking to make a change -it's worth putting the time in now.


Grow Out Your Roots


If you have been wanting to return to your natural hair color for a while, this could be the best time to grow out those roots. The more we bleach or dye our hair, the drier it can become and may be more prone to split ends. Growing out roots takes time and patience and the process can take about 4-6 weeks, meaning that now is a great chunk of time to cope with two-tone.


Opt for Homemade Pampering


If you are someone who tends to steer clear of homemade face and hair mask recipes thanks to fearing an angry outbreak beneath your skin, this could be the time to experiment. Avocado’s jampacked with Vitamin E, honey and lemon for brightening tired and dull skin, and rolled oats and brown sugar for exfoliating dryness – there are endless recipes to try. Homemade pampering means that you can literally feed your face with all the things that your body craves and experiment with chemical-free conclusions. If your skin does have an angry reaction, you know to steer clear in the future, but for now, you have the time, space and lack of social life that leaves you free to take the risk.

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Which experimental beauty tricks have you been brave enough to try? Share in the comments.

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