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Ways to Cut Down on Your Beauty Waste


Being gorgeous inside and out can mean going green. Take a rummage in your makeup bag and cast your glance along your bathroom shelf and make a mental note of the array of bottles and throwaway features that come with your beauty routine. Rather than getting the guilt or vowing to never wash your hair again, there are small changes you can make that will dramatically reduce the carbon cost of your pampering. Take a look at these small yet hugely significant ways to cut down on your beauty waste…


No More Disposable Razors


Throwaway razors should be the first thing to go in place of a more sustainable solution. For those who choose to shave, ditch your plastic pink razor for an eco-fresh solution. If you are a dab hand with a razor then you can opt for one of the old school metal blade razors that are making a comeback. If you don’t feel quite so confident with a cutthroat in hand, then bamboo razors are a good option. While bamboo razors still have disposable heads, you will be hugely cutting down your plastic consumption by having a reusable base and handle.


Pick Bars over Bottles


There are a ton of eco-centric beauty choices when it comes to buying your next batch of products. Now you can swap out shampoos, conditioners, shower gels and deodorants for the bar version. Shampoo bars have come a long way and do an amazing job of keeping your hair squeaky clean, without having to rely on all that plastic packaging. For those who tend to travel, you will find them a delight for your hand luggage as long as you make sure to buy a little tin or box to keep them in.


Get a Body Brush


Microbeads are terrible for the planet and exfoliating lotions and creams also add to the pile-up of packaging. If you are looking for ways to reduce your bottle buying then swap out the need for exfoliators by buying a body brush. A body brush will work in a very similar way to an exfoliator by sloughing away the dead skin and leaving you as soft and buffed as can be.


Cotton Rounds For Removal


If you tend to remove your makeup on a daily basis with cotton wool you may want to swap these out for reusable cotton rounds. This works in exactly the same way, only rather than throw away a wealth of makeup smeared cotton wool, you pop your round in the wash and use again and again and again.


Simplify Your Stock


If you have a ton of products then it may be time to look again and start to work out how to simplify. Rather than investing in toner, primer, concealer and powder – just find one product that does all of the above. Opt for a lipstick that can double up as adding a little flash of color to your cheek rather than buying blusher and use coconut oil as a makeup remover or body moisturizer rather than buying a ton of bottled products.


Put a Period At the End


One of the biggest contributors to waste in the women’s wellness world is tampons and sanitary towels which add a lot of weight to landfills. If you really want to amp up your eco-conscious living then start considering greener methods for dealing with your period. Washable cotton sanitary towels and menstrual cups are big business and are truly changing the ways we deal with our periods. If you only make one change, this is certainly the one worth considering.

What beauty changes will you be making in an effort to go green? Share with us in the comments.

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