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Small Ways to Celebrate Your Friends


Romantic partnerships and family ties aside, friendships are some of the most honoured and important relationships in our lives. Love, companionship, curating memories, and sharing the highs and lows of each-others journey, friendships make space for us to live a full life. Like all relationships, friendships can grow and change over time and just like intimate partnerships they need to be nurtured to keep the roots strong. True and healthy friendships rest on a balance of giving and receiving, and part of that can be making time to celebrate those who are firmly fixed in our lives. Here are some small ways you can celebrate your friends…


Plan A Slice of Time

We live in a world of texts, social media messages, and memes, and while moving with the times and accepting this as a modern form of communication is important – so is the physicality of face to face connection. The beauty of body language, eye contact, and the warmth of touch - all these minor ways feed into our friendships and help people to feel connected and valued. Everyone has busy lives, but even fitting in a face to face date every few weeks will work wonders for our friendship souls.


Put Down Your Phone


Our phones have become almost like an extra limb and it's considered a modern-day norm to text or scroll while in the company of others. But if you really want to deepen your friendships and celebrate time with loved ones, put the phone down and grant them your full and sincere attention.


Learn Their Language

Everyone gives and receives love differently and the closer you are to someone the more you can read their love language. Maybe your friend craves words of affirmation or perhaps they cherish small acts of kindness or physical touch. Whether through observation or conversation, finding out how they like to give and receive love will help strengthen your connection.


Ask Questions


We all get swept up in our own drama, thoughts and feelings and sometimes we can leave a phone-call or meeting having ranted about our own lives for hours without checking in on the other person. While friendships should absolutely be there to provide space for venting and working through feelings, be sure to ask how your friend is doing also. Asking questions about their lives, choices, and thoughts plays back into that give and take philosophy that lays the foundations for a strong friendship. Remember the things your friends tell you and even make a note so that you can check in via text or a phone call on that day when they have a big interview.


Be Open

Opening your heart in friendship even if you are a closed and private person can be an amazing gift. Not only does being honest about your fears and judgements instil compassion and trust in your relationships with those around you but it also invites others to do the same.


Do The Things


Crack open a bottle of wine, have a Netflix binge, take a trip, go for a dog walk, learn to surf, book a show – contribute time, thought and effort to take your friendship into the fun zone and make memories together. Taking your friendship into the physical fun zone grants it that myriad existence; where you laugh together, cry together, move together and be still together.

Put it in Words

A tiny simple way of celebrating your friends is to simply put it in words. Whether you send them a one-line text or write a long love letter, sharing your gratitude for a person in a tangible way works wonders for the soul. It doesn’t have to be fancy; just the simple act of sharing how someone contributes positively to your life is something to be treasured and glanced at time and time again.

How do you celebrate your friends? Share your thoughts and even tag your tribe.


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