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41 Money Affirmations That Will Bring You Abundance This Year


There’s an idea that money is a currency and therefore works like a current – sometimes it flows away from you and other times it flows back around to you.

It’s easy to get locked down into straight and narrow ideas about money. It’s one of the largest stress factors we all face at one time or another. It has complicated meanings and roots that are different to all of us, and we often place toxic ideas around money without considering that it’s a relationship we may need to work on and heal.

Talking about money can feel like dirty business; we get caught up in the have and the have nots, we lament and we crave and we try to control rather than learning to trust and go with the flow.

Making our money relationship less about a hard line and more about something that moves and grows and is ever in flux can help us to channel our energy in more positive and productive ways. Our thoughts hold power and knowing what we want and being unafraid to work with positive energy and affirmations can help that power to manifest money magic.

Take a look at how to use money affirmations to attract wealth and abundance and to reclaim your financial power.


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Do Money Affirmations Work?


At this point, your more skeptical side may be wondering whether or not money affirmations actually work in helping to change our financial situation for the better.

The bottom line is that when you shift your mindset towards money, you have the chance to start seeing your relationship with money in a different light. This can change your whole energy pattern towards worthy feelings, the ability to create circumstances that lead to prosperity, and being open to life offers and people that can give you what you want.

Money affirmations and choosing an affirmation for abundance work by ensuring that we stop getting in our own way and we make an intention to clear the path and put ourselves in a place where we can effortlessly and easily receive all that we need.


Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction speaks to our ability to make something happen simply by thinking about it. A pretty easy and actionable goal on the surface right? In simple terms, it means that by using the power of positive thought and by visualizing exactly what we want, we can manifest it into becoming an actual reality. This is a potential we all have deep down and it costs absolutely nothing to put it into action. While calling the Law of Attraction into being can be tricky at first because it requires you to change your mindset, it’s worth remembering that there is nothing to lose.


Why Affirmations Are So Powerful

Affirmations for wealth have power because words have power and intent has power. When we think of wealth and money being dirty things and getting in the way of spirituality, we can actually bring a negative energy around the idea of money and stagnate its flow or presence in our lives. But when we shift that narrative and put a positive spin on money both mentally and vocally we are setting our intention and putting our wants and needs out into the universe. This can set us on more positive pathways and can make us more open and receptive to receiving opportunities because rather than shut down and shy away, we become alert and we believe in our worth – all this becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy of success.


How To Write Affirmations For Money

Visualization is everything when it comes to setting our affirmations for prosperity that are sure to bring you wealth. Part of the healing process comes in understanding your relationship to money right now and knowing what you want it to look like instead.

You need to ask yourself what you want from money and what personal wealth looks like to you.

Maybe it’s a big house in a beautiful location, maybe it's enough to take a small sabbatical from work, or maybe it’s being debt free. Maybe it's just learning how to boost your savings account.

Whatever it looks like, spell it out, write it down and understand the steps that need to happen to get you there. When you have this information and a clear vision you can tailor these affirmations for money and finally commit to having the financial freedom you have always wanted. Money affirmations that work fast may not turn your bank account around in a day, but by making it a ritual you are sure to set yourself up to make money and prosper simply by harnessing the power of belief and universal love.


Epic List of 41 Powerful Money Affirmations


  1. I am abundance regardless of what is in my pocket
  2. When I place myself in flow, money comes to me
  3. If I trust it, it will come
  4. I deserve wealth and prosperity and I am open to it
  5. Money is a current and it will flow back to me
  6. I commit to getting out of my own way when it comes to financial success
  7. Every action I take is bringing me prosperity
  8. Every time I touch money it comes back multiplied
  9. Money is a positive power in my life
  10. I can let it go, trusting it will come back tenfold
  11. I am grateful for what is in my hands right now
  12. Money doesn’t have to mean shame
  13. Money can bring joy and joy can bring money
  14. I will never go without
  15. I will have exactly what I need at any given moment
  16. Letting money go is a joy as it means I am able to provide for myself and that is powerful
  17. Money comes to me in unexpected ways and I am always ready
  18. My relationship to money comes without limits
  19. If I am honest and true in my money decisions, the universe will take care of me
  20. There is no reason why I can’t make the money I want
  21. I am worthy of a rich and prosperous life
  22. I want it and therefore I shall have it
  23. I am a money magnet
  24. My history with money is not my future
  25. Today I make more money
  26. I have enough money coming my way to live out all my dreams
  27. Money is coming in expected and unexpected ways
  28. Money is coming easily and effortlessly
  29. My energy is always attracting money
  30. Large sums of money are coming for me
  31. I am good with money
  32. My wealth life is wonderful
  33. My income is rising
  34. I love money and money loves me
  35. I am worthy of making money
  36. I am smart and successful and every day I get richer
  37. My affirmations for finances are manifesting magic for me
  38. I constantly attract opportunities for a richer life
  39. I have a positive and powerful money mindset
  40. I am always making more money even without trying
  41. Financially I know I’m going to thrive

What are your thoughts on positive affirmations for money? Do you practice affirmations about money? Share your experience and tips on embracing a positive money mindset in the comments.


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