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Finally, 6 Legit Reasons You Need To Have A Massage

reasons to get a massage


Used for centuries by different cultures, massage has now been proven to have a wide range of therapeutic benefits.

In fact, massage has since become even more popular as a relaxation treatment thanks to the fast-paced and high octane society of today’s modern world.

Massage therapy used to only be an occasional indulgence at an upscale health spa or a luxury resort. But these days, massages are also offered at a variety of specific massage businesses, rehab clinics, shopping centres, hospitals, airports, and even at work in some office environments.

So, if you’re looking for some legit reasons for getting a massage, here are just a few of the science-backed benefits of this ancient treatment.


Massage lowers blood pressure

A professional massage is excellent for your heart because it helps to slow down your heart rate. Massage loosens your muscles and tendons which lowers blood pressure, enhances blood flow, and improves overall body function. With increased blood flowing throughout your body helps deliver more oxygen through your blood to your internal organs. In fact, once circulation improves throughout your body, it helps relax your entire cardiovascular system overall.



Massage slows effects aging

Massage therapy can improve a wide variety of conditions, including many of those that naturally come with aging. The gentle rubbing and kneading of your body during a massage increase the flow of blood to your soft tissues and muscles, so it can help improve your mobility and flexibility. This stimulation of blood flow from a massage can also help keep your face looking younger and healthier.

The massaging action causes capillaries beneath the surface of the skin to start dilating, making it feel warmer, decreasing slackness, and adding some vitality. That’s why people often use massage to help retain youthfulness while giving their dull complexion a more radiant glow.


Massage reduces headaches

When massage is focused on the head, neck, shoulder area of your body, it’s been proven to decrease pain and discomfort caused by migraines. Massage can also be used to decrease the frequency as well as the severity of tension headaches. 

Professional massage courses teach therapists how to rub specific trigger points that help treat headaches. By concentrating on these specific trigger points, massage relaxes the muscles and eases the pressure which causes tension headaches and migraines. This is why massage significantly reduces the chance of experiencing this type of pain.


Massage relieves pain

Massage has long been one of the most effective methods for treating the pain associated with a wide variety of physical injuries and chronic health conditions. If you have back pain especially, you may find relief through any number of specific techniques used by professional massage therapists.

Whether inflamed muscles cause your pain after intense workouts or another chronic condition, massage can help relieve tension and reduce pain by increasing blood flow and decreasing inflammation along the spine and neck. Just remember that while massage is often very helpful with all kinds of pain, having one or two therapy sessions might not be enough when alleviating chronic pain.


Massage improves sleep

There are plenty of people who struggle to fall asleep or staying asleep. That’s why they rely on regular massage therapy to help improve their quality of sleep at night. People look to a massage for help getting to sleep quicker and staying asleep for longer periods because it can actually help lower stress-causing cortisol hormones while also relaxing your muscles. And not only will this combination help with deeper and more restorative sleeping patterns, but massage also helps reduce any aches and pains that may be interrupting your rest.


Massage boosts immunity

The human body needs a strong immune system to tackle all the different types of foreign infections that can attack it. The good news here is that massage therapy can effectively help your body develop a stronger immune system by building protective cells that neutralize infections. This is because massage can help the body increase levels of blood proteins which are extremely important for protection from all kinds of external attacks by bacteria, pathogens, and other types of viral infections.

With this wide range of benefits, it’s no wonder massage is now a powerful tool used by many to help with their health and overall well-being. To take advantage of these benefits, you should definitely consider adding massage therapy to your wellness routine as well.


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