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4 Easy Air Dry Clay Ideas That You Can Make in 5 Minutes

air dry clay ideas


Air dry clay home décor projects have been taking Instagram by storm for a solid year now, and there is a good reason why. Large brand name stores have been selling sculpted pieces for $$$. DIY home décor enthusiasts have turned to using air dry clay to create their own unique pieces for a small fraction of the cost.

I recently gave four different air dry clay projects a try and it was easy, fun and relaxing to do! The best part? There is no need to bake anything. All you need to create these projects is a bucket of Crayola Air Dry Clay (I purchased a 5lb. bucket off Amazon for $11 and it was plenty) and a few tools you probably already have around your home.

crayola air dry clay

Clay Knot Sculpture

air dry clay craft idea

These cute little clay knots are really popular right now and fairly simple to make. They are a fun touch to any shelving or coffee table décor in your home. This took me a couple of tries to make, but once I got the hang of working with the air dry clay it was fairly easy.

Tip: You will need more clay than you think in order to create most of these projects.

air dry clay knots
  • Start with a handful of clay and begin to roll it between your hands to create a longer snake-like piece. Apply gentle pressure during this step so that the thickness of the piece stays even throughout. You only need to begin to form this shape, do not make it long or thin.
  • Lay your newly formed piece of clay onto a smooth surface and use your hands to continue to roll it out. The piece should be about 1-1.5 inch thick and longer than you think you will need it to be in order to make the knot (your total length just depends on the size of knot you want to make). If you are having issues with cracking during this step, use a little water on your fingers to smooth them out and repair.
  • Clean up the ends of your snake like piece by cutting them or rounding them out with a little water and twist your clay into a knot. There are all kinds of knots you can form with the air dry clay, but I chose to do a basic knot like the first step of tying your shoes.
  • Smooth out any major imperfections with a tiny bit of water (too much water can cause cracks when drying) and leave it to dry for 3-4 days.

Clay Candle Stick Holders

air dry clay candle holders

This is probably the easiest thing I made and one of my favorites. These simple organic looking candle holders will add a touch of coziness to any space.

air dry clay diy

  • Take a smaller amount of clay in your hands and roll it between your palms to form a ball. The clay ball should be slightly larger than a golf ball.
  • Set the ball onto the table and use a candle taper or other object similar in size to press down into the clay ball (I used the top of an essential oil bottle, but I tested it by sticking it into one of my brass candle holders first to make sure it was the same size as a taper would be).