Bare to Bliss; Easy Ideas to DIY Empty Wall Space


In the effort to make your house a home and turn a blah space into a chic and cosy retreat, one of the simplest changes you can make is getting rid of that empty wall. Empty wall spaces offer endless possibility, and you don’t even need to spend a fortune to change the way your whole room feels. From framing prints you love to potted plants, here are our favourite ways to DIY your empty wall space and turn your room from bare to bliss…


Create a Gallery Space


You don’t need to splash the cash and become a serious art collector to enjoy images on the wall. Collect up your favourite postcards, drawings, and small prints and get them framed. Buy your frames from Ikea or even hit the thrift stores and buy old paintings and use those frames on your own pictures. If you want to bring a splash of colour, you can even paint the frames in gorgeous block colours or whatever shade suits your space. Hanging different sized frame prints is a great way of bringing personal charter to an empty wall.


Photo Shelves


Hang some floating shelves on your empty wall space and print out and frame your favourite photos. As most of our photos are kept in digital format these days, we rarely have the pleasure of looking at them. By printing them out, not only can you put them on display but you can create a magical memory wall of all your favourite people and life moments. Add a bright plant or two and you have a cosy homely space in seconds.



Fine Fabric


Sometimes a swathe of fine fabric can be equally as glorious as a piece of art (not to mention a lot more affordable). Find a fabric you love and hang it on the wall to break up space. Whether it’s a piece you picked up from your far-flung travels or simply something you grabbed at a haberdashery, the aim remains the same – showcase it.


Hang Hats


If you are the type of gal who loves a good hat, then get them out on display. Hang storage hooks from your wall and literally hang up your hats. This works great for those billowy summer hats and brings a bright and coastal mood to your house. It especially works well when you place straw hats against a pastel-coloured backdrop for vintage spring vibes that instantly put you in a good mood.


Flower Display


Fake flowers these days aren’t the old-fashioned plastic pieces they once were. You can curate gorgeous sophisticated displays using fake flowers. If you still can’t accept fake flowers into your life, then dried flowers can also work wonders. Otherwise, you can also opt for branches and leaves to make a beautiful natural display. Bringing the outside in is an enchanting way to wave farewell to dead space and turn it into something bold and lively.


Fairy Lights


If you want to warm up that wall and bring a sense of magic to your space then there’s no easier or more cost-effective way than opting for fairy lights. You can also use small clothespins and add photos yo your fairy light wall or hang a mirror and drape your fairy lights around that. Sometimes the simplest solutions are the most inspiring.

How will you be dressing up those blank and dreary walls? Share interior ideas with us in the comments.

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