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Wonderful Ways to Reduce Waste in Your Home


Greta, we hear you, our planet is on the brink and we want to play our part in putting it right. As we hurtle through the 21st century we are all becoming more mindful about being more eco-conscious as we walk through the world. Whether it's changing the way we travel, eating a few more vegan dishes, or making those minute changes in our daily routines and in our own homes; this is how we change the world…one step at a time, in small ways, and together. Check out our tiny tips on how to reduce waste in your home.


The Recycle Route


So many of us think that recycling is some big complicated mystery with its many rules and regulations and different coloured waste bins and boxes. But actually, recycling is quite simple once you establish the habit. Of course, every area is different so you need to check out your local rules and look at how to implement a process in your home. Draw pictures, make signs, buy pretty boxes to encourage yourself – soon it will become second nature and will make a huge difference.


Part with Plastic


The jury is in – plastic sucks. It’s time to start getting mindful about your own plastic use. Invest in a couple of reusable cotton bags for buying your groceries and leave them in your car so there’s no forgetting them. Avoid buying those gimmicky plastic presents for kids and other family members at Christmas, instead try looking at alternative gift ideas like books or wooden toys. However, you can cut plastic out of your pad, try your best to do so for the planet.


Get a Water Filter


Plastic bottles are a huge contributor to plastic production and landfills. If you don’t have access to good quality clean water then truly consider investing in a water filter. Water filters come in many different sources – you can get those that fit directly to your tap, those that you fill and put in the fridge, or even those reusable straw filters that are great for both the home and any exotic far-flung travels or hiking adventures.


Reduce Packaging Needs


Take out foods and ready meals all come with a glut of packaging. You can reduce your home waste woes by making the change and actually making food at home from scratch. This is especially true of easy home-cooked foods like soups, salad dressings, and even yoghurt. If you do need to buy pre-packaged foods (we all do at times) look for things you can purchase in glass jars that are easier to re-use or recycle.


Bigger is Better


Another tip for your home shopping habits is to buy things in bulk. Buying in bulk can reduce the amount of packaging you are purchasing and save you money in one easy swoop. Buying dried goods in bulk is always a great idea – think cereals, oats, grains, and dried herbs.


Organize Meals


Every household throws away tons of food annually and the statistics show that overall, there’s 1.3 billion tons of food being heaped on the waste pile every year. It can be tricky to get on top of meal planning but it’s a system that will for sure reduce your waste. Sit down and spend a few minutes mapping out your weekly food plan before going to the supermarket. Work out what you have in your cupboards so you don’t double up, work out where you can use leftovers, and even pre-prep your food to reduce the risk of buying packed food while out.

Which tiny tips are you taking away to make a big change? Share thoughts and ideas in the comments.


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