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Top Tips for Improving Your Posture (and why it's important)



When it comes to perfect posture you may want to put your back into it. Good posture is about so much more than your aunts telling you to ‘sit up straight’, it’s one of the greatest gifts you can give your body. By working on your posture, not only will you reduce the long-term effects of back pain, but you will also give your confidence a mighty boost, carry yourself with a prideful mindset, and even cut down on tight tension headaches that can actually be a side effect of terrible posture.

Posture serves the whole body. It is the bridge that strengthens the lower back, the support we turn to in order to keep our neck muscles working well, and even how we do a better job at increasing our lung capacity. The benefits of better posture surpass the physical but sink right down into the emotional and the spiritual too. So, know we know all the reasons why we need to sit up straight, here’s how you can get started on improving your posture…


Get a Good Chair



If you spend most of the day slumped over your desk, now is not the time to cut corners when it comes to a decent chair. A good chair can literally make or break it when it comes to your posture problems. We are all guilty of allowing our bodies to crunch and hunch, especially when tying or using computers. A good ergonomic chair can help to keep your back straight, your feet flat, and your weight evenly distributed. If you want to mix it up and break bad habits, sitting on an exercise ball for some part of the day can also bring benefits to your back.


Embrace Yoga or Pilates



Yoga and Pilates both bring exceptional benefits when it comes to getting you in good habits when it comes to stretching and posture. Learning good posture is really all about breaking old habits and implementing new muscle memory routines. When you work yoga or Pilates into your daily practice (even just short routines and stretches that last a few minutes), you are helping to build on that muscle memory that your body needs to effortlessly bring better posture into your life.


Lift Your Phone



Let’s face it, we are into an era where we spend a lot of time looking down at our phone screens and while it may last only a couple of seconds, it can lead to text neck. The repetitive strain looking down multiple times a day will have on your posture and your neck muscles will all stack up. Try and get in the habit of raising your phone to eye level rather than bending your neck. If this change of action takes a little time to sink in, you should make sure that you spend a few minutes several times a day stretching your neck.


Don’t be a Low Rider



When behind the wheel, try not to become a low rider. Sure, it may be more comfortable to lean far back from the dashboard and steering wheel but you won't be doing your back any favors. The best way to weave in a welcome posture when driving is to sit close to the steering wheel, straighten your chair so your back is upright, and add a pillow or rolled-up towel behind the small of your back for added support and to avoid the arch.


Skip the Stilettos



While kicking on a high pair of heels for a night on the town may be fine once in a while, they are far from the best choice for your back. Heels naturally force you to arch and thrust the base of your spine forward which leaves weight and posture all over the place when it comes to alignment. This also leads to back pain. If you want to give your posture the best chance possible then opt for heel free options for the day or go for a low and chunky heel if you still crave some height.

Do you pay attention to your posture? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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