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How to Turn Your Home Into a Mini Gym


Whether a self-declared fitness freak or just looking to get a little more action in your life, fitness is a fabulous tonic for the body, mind and soul. While hitting the gym, the park and the beach may not be the easiest exercise option right now, you can easily adapt your living space into a spot for boosting your energy levels. No matter if you have a shoebox apartment, a single room or a whole mansion – these easy-breezy ideas will keep you on your toes regardless of your environment.


Step Up


If you want a high-powered burst of energy you can run up and down the stairs to truly give those legs a licking. For those who feel a little anxious about the idea of racing up and down a flight or falling, then simply turn your attention to a single step and use it to step up and down and give your glutes a workout.


Use Water Bottles


If you don’t have any weights at home don’t worry. Pick up a couple of water bottles and rev up your reps. You can start with small bottles or even cans and build your way up to something heavier as your home training progresses.


Counter Pushups


Every time you pass through the kitchen or when waiting for the kettle to boil for your tea, simply use the kitchen counter as a place to push up. Stand a couple of feet away from the counter, lean in while keeping your legs straight, and place your hands shoulder-width apart on the top of the surface. Use your body to push up and down, bending your elbows but keeping your knees straight.


Get a Mat


A yoga mat or even a towel can quickly transform any space into a studio. The internet is brimming with a free try at home yoga vid and simply laying a mat out on the floor, picking a video and learning the basics can have the same mental and bodily effect as being in a class. Make this a daily practice and even if you just choose one of the five-minute stretch videos you can reap the benefits. If you want something a little more energized then Joe Wicks does high-intensity training at home.


Squat Backpacks


Up your squat power by adding some weight to your back and shoulders. Fill the bag with books and practice your lunges, squats and quad activating workouts. This brings added benefits to your hamstrings and keeps your core nice and strong along the way. Start small and build up the weight to increase your power over time.


Skip Rope


Skipping rope may seem to be the stuff of childhood summers, but its an amazing way to workout without needing to invest in pricey gym equipment. If you jump rope at home you may need to check you have a little space so not to knock stuff over, but even 10, 20, 50 or 100 jumps a day can be a great cardiovascular workout.


Get Dancing


If yoga classes and lunges aren’t your thing but you still want to keep fit, then why not opt for a dance class or just put some music on and let yourself run wild. Right now, you may be feeling low in mood and high on energy, and dancing can be a harmonious way to get back into balance. Feel good music, shaking your body, and letting loose whether in a flowing or aggressive movement style can be hugely cathartic for these times. Be sure to turn it up as loud as your neighbors will tolerate.

How have you been working out at home? Share tips and advice in the comments.


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