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7 Tips To Start Loving Your Workout


With the new year underway, many people wish to kick it off with fitness programs. Sometimes these programs can be a bit hard to stick with but listed below are some of the top tips to stay motivated and continue your pursuit for optimal health!


Make a Playlist

    First and foremost, download some great playlists for your sweat sessions! Try picking workout songs that stick around 140 – 160 beats per minute to help your energy stay up. There are great pre-made playlists on Spotify if you’re unsure of what to listen to.


    Use Workout Apps

      If you’re new to the gym and feeling a little unsure about your workout, apps are a great way to learn proper movements and structure your routine around your goals. The Sweat app by Kayla Itsines is a great app for workouts as well as nutrition!


      Plan Your Sessions

        That being said, planning your sessions ahead will help make the most of your time. You don’t want to get to the gym feeling unprepared and end up leaving early due to lack of motivation. Plan your sessions to know what muscle groups to work on each day and leave feeling you got an optimal workout!


        Track Your Progress

          Tracking your progress is a great way to have more confidence and trust in your workouts! You can track your progress through monthly photos or measurements. Be sure not to put too much emphasis on the numbers on the scale!


          Make it a Habit

            At first, it may seem like a challenge just to get yourself out the door and on the way to the gym. The only way to see results is to motivate yourself and get to the gym at least 3-5 times per week. Within a couple of goes, getting to the gym will be a lot easier!



            Challenge Yourself

              Sometimes when you’ve been working out for a while, your gym routine can start to feel a bit tedious, especially if you continue to do the same thing over and over. The best way to fight the dullness is to step it up and push yourself harder. Try new exercises and up your weight training to amp things up! This will also help push through a plateau and unlock new levels of fitness!


              Eat Proper Nourishment

                Picking the proper foods to nourish your body are critical steps for the best workout. In order to see optimal results and have plenty of energy for the gym, you must adequately sustain your body through proper foods and supplements.

                Great pre-workout foods include bananas, oatmeal, and nut butter.

                Great post-workout foods include protein smoothies, eggs, and berries.


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