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The Best Hobbies for Socially Distancing


Just because we need to keep a little distance right now doesn’t mean that we can’t keep ourselves mentally and physically stimulated rather than putting our life on hold. If you have spent the last few months binge-watching and baking and are now ready to shake off the cobwebs and try something new, here are a whole host of amazing hobby ideas that won’t break social distancing protocols…




If you are lucky enough to live close to the water, whether it be the sea or a still water lake, you may want to try and take up kayaking. Sitting in your own boat with an extra-large paddle easily guarantees that you are encouraged to keep your distance from people. Being out in nature, exploring coasts and riverbanks, and getting your upper body strength booming – kayaking is an excellent choice to keep you out and busy.




Whether you choose sunsets, stars, or all shades of flora and fauna, now is a great time to turn to life behind the lens. Brushing up on professional photography skills will teach you so much about playing with light, the technical elements of framing, and how to see the world in a different way. Not only is photography an amazing artistic and useful hobby to have (trust us, your friends will love you), but it also weaves in the practice of mindfulness and encourages you to see the ordinary in extraordinary ways.


Wild Swimming


While indoor swimming pools may not be the place you want to be right now, there’s no reason why you can’t pull on your bathing suit and plunge right in. With the CDC recommending that the great outdoors is one of the safest spots to be, this could be the perfect time to take up wild swimming as an alternative option. Whether you opt for the open ocean, cool jeweled lakes or rivers, there is something life invigorating and truly refreshing about swimming the natural way. Of course, always do your research to make sure that the spot you are heading out into is safe and that you are a strong and competent swimmer.


Play an Instrument


With the boom of YouTube or video calls, you don’t need to pick an in-person teacher to learn that instrument, instead, you can do it from the safety of your own room. Whether you fancy strumming along to your favorite songs, learning how to power those lungs to sing stronger, or if your housemates can handle you learning the fiddle or clarinet, this is the perfect time to test out that skill.




This one isn’t as clear cut when it comes to socially distancing, especially if you want to go out hiking with friends and family, but being in the great outdoors, walking, and soaking up the sunshine is also a great boost for your mental health. Try and pick quieter trails or wide-open spaces so you don’t get hemmed in when walking past people. If you hike with a friend, then be sure to maintain distance, and pack your face mask and sanitizer. Do your research and check the area you want to walk in isn’t a hot spot and fill your car with gas at home so you reduce any risk transmission for the local community.

Which outdoor pursuits and new distant activities have you been turning your hand to? Share with us in the comments and let’s all find exciting new ways to stay safe and entertained.


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