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Teen Dramas We Adore as Our Guilty Pleasure Binge


During testing times there is nothing like vegging out on the sofa with a pile of junk food and losing yourself in the chaos and calamity of a teenagers life. Teens - angsty and with epic clothing choices and a rosta of terrible love stories, it’s a firm reminder of a time when life seemed absolutely impossible but still, regardless of the world working against them – they survive. For those times when you just want to feed your soul with a glut of good old-fashioned drama, these are our favorite teen binges…


Buffy the Vampire Slayer


A 16-year-old girl ever ready to take out vampires, Sarah Michelle Geller was fierce, fearless and everything we all wanted (and want) to be. Buffy was a mega treen drama that truly broke boundaries. It was also one of the first teen shows to depict a lesbian storyline and overall – the show dealt with some big topics throughout. Love wasn’t some fairytale, life was violent and tough, and the clothes and the hair truly tap back into that sense of nostalgia. Buffy, we salute you.


Gilmore Girls



With a script that goes a million miles an hour, a penchant for junk food, and that small American town magic – the Gilmore Girls makes for a glorious comfort binge. But scratch beneath the surface and you have a teen drama that stands up. The plotline centers around three generations of women in the same family, explores the nuances of motherhood, and is brimming with life lessons about achieving dreams, picking bad boyfriends, and generally what it is to feel your way through. And of course, is there a relationship you have ever been more invested in than Lorelei and Luke?


Dawson’s Creek



Michelle Williams, when you first appeared as the bad girl Jen in Dawson’s Creek we knew we would love you forever. It may have some serious nineties vibes going on, but Dawson’s Creek is a goldmine of guilty pleasures. Watch Dawson (ugh), Joey, Pacey and Jen work their way through messed up family dramas, crushes on best friends, love rivalries, and general mental hardships all against the pretty backdrop of fictional Capeside. If you love rolling your eyes at an obsessive Spielberg fanboy, this series means you are in for a treat.





Love it or loathe it, this could be the very definition of a guilty pleasure. Yes, Riverdale went wild and off the rails, but if you are looking for something truly ridiculous it works. Based on the ever-popular Archie comics, the series follows Archie, Jughead, Betty and Veronica on plenty of mysterious mishaps which of course include multiple serial killers, the gargoyle king, cults, some kind of maple syrup war, and a whole lot more.


Stranger Things Season 3



It may not quite fall into the usual category of teen drama, but Stanger Things certainly tackles what it is to be an adolescent in a world where adults can barely be counted on. Even with its heavy sci-fi edge and main plot point of saving the world from the horrors of the upside-down, Stranger things still pays homage to what it's like to have conflict in friendship groups, hang out at the mall, and generally deal with first kisses and school dances all while working through a massive amount of life trauma.

Which of your fave teen screams did we miss out? Share in the comments.

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