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Simple Feng Shui Techniques For a Blissful Bedroom


For over three-thousand years people in China have been artistically arranging their stuff according to Feng Shui. A practice that falls somewhere between art, science and philosophy, Feng Shui is all about placing things in your space so that it nurtures good fortune. While that may be a super oversimplified version of a highly revered practice, our aim is to nudge you towards how simple bringing a sample of Feng Shui into your life can be. Poor Feng Shui is said to disrupt the way you sleep and bring bad energy. As we are all about helping people find good energy, here are our tips for bedroom-based Feng Shui techniques.


Commanding Bed Placement


If your room allows for it, place your bed at a diagonal from the door, make sure you have a solid wall behind your headboard and that there is ample space on either side for nightstands. The idea behind this commanding and powerful Feng Shui layout is that this is highly grounding.


Don’t Go Under a Window


Again, if space allows - avoid placing your bed directly under a window or next to a door. While you may be tempted window wise to bask in the light, you are actually putting yourself in the direct path of outdoors Qi which means everything from the birds to the breeze and even fleeting shadows can disrupt your restful sleep.


Avoid Bulky Bookcases by the Bed


While books within easy reach are one of life’s most lauded pleasures, be wary about having bulky furnishings (including bookcases) beside or around the bed. Towering bookcases of over 6 feet can communicate the feeling of being oppressed or hemmed in which isn’t conducive to calm and relaxation.


Close Your Drawers


If you are one of those people who fling open cupboard doors and drawers, now is the time to get up and close them. Open doors and drawers carry a feeling of chaos and can add to anxiety when it comes to climbing into bed and settling down.


Think Color


There’s a whole wheel of colour associated with Feng Shui. The belief is that certain colours invoke certain moods – which is a strong belief shared across the world. When picking colours and shades for your sleeping den it makes sense to consult the colour chart. For example, its recommended to pick wall colours that match skin tones; rich or light browns, off-whites, pale peach, and so forth.


Pair Things Up


Even for all the single ladies out there, great Feng Shui practice nudges you to pair things up. Having matching lamps on either side, matching pillows, and matching seats promotes the energy of harmony and love.


Mindful Mirroring


Mirrors can have a huge impact on Feng Shui. They say that having one opposite the bed invites a third person into your marriage. Apparently mirrors in general in the bedroom reflect energy meaning that your sleeping space can be highly charged. One tip is to place a mirror on the outside of your bedroom door to keep bad chi at bay.


Water Flow Out


While many of us don’t have water features in our rooms, the taboo of water in our sleeping space even extends to having paintings or pictures of water on the walls. So when shopping for your artwork be sure to avoid boats, harbours, and lazy beach scenes.

Which Feng Shui techniques will you be bringing into your room? Share in the comments.

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