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Roaring Twenties Style Recipes for the New Era



Now we have entered 2020 we can’t help but cast our mind to the throwback era of The Great Gatsby. The twenties are forever imprinted with romantic notions; elegant fashions, prohibition cocktails, lavish parties, and flappers and jazz hands – what’s not to love? While at this point in time with our smartphones and delicate world, we may feel a long way from the exuberant freewheeling decadence of the ’20s, these innovative recipes are sure to bring back the art of good living – if even just for one night.


Oysters Rockefeller


As glistening as the pearls around a flappers neck, oysters on the menu promised the height of hedonistic living in the twenties. Originally created on the plate back in 1899 in New Orleans (AKA the birthplace of Jazz), it's no surprise that these expensive morsels of magic adorned every socialite table. Drenched in butter, baked in their opalescent shells and topped with lashings of greens, Oysters Rockefeller were so rich they stole the name of America’s wealthiest man. Served with champagne and you can be sure that your guests will be going gaga for this edible gold.


Mint Julep Cocktail


On balmy southern evenings, nothing will make you declare ‘my stars’ like a magically cool and fresh Mint Julep Cocktail. This iconic bourbon centric drink actually started life at the Kentucky Derby but grew to be one of the most beloved cocktails of the classiest era. Served in silver pewter cups, it's all about the sugar, bourbon, and mint over plenty of crushed ice. Sweet, cool, and enough to stop you mopping your brow, the Mint Julep is a must for any stylish twenties inspired soiree.


Waldorf Salad


Created at the famed Astoria Hotel in the heart of the 1920s, the Waldorf Salad is an evocative experience. Comprised of apples, celery and mayo, this salad is without a doubt one of the most elegant arrays to serve at your silver supper. Creamy, full of crunch, and with just the right levels of tart meets tantalizing, it makes for a fabulous first course to a sit-down feast.


Cranberry and Orange Crisp Duck


The duck had its heyday in the 1920s, often making an appearance on the silverware and linen-fresh tables of the elite. A simple dish, this recipe calls for the deep rich gamey taste of duck to be elevated to bright new heights through the citrussy kiss of cranberry and orange. Perfect for the main event; the cranberry and orange crisped duck can be dressed up this stick delightful dish with sprigs of rosemary and scattered cranberries and then served alongside simple greens.


Dark Chocolate Mousse


It wouldn’t be a season of sheer decadence without the delight of a dessert. Nothing says classy simplicity quite like a rich dark chocolate mousse. Served in an elegant glass, this light as air dessert hits all the high notes when it comes to a sweeping finale. Individual, elegant and tiny desserts were highly in fashion back in the 1920s and keeping things simple rather than over the top seemed to be the name of the game.

Which roaring twenties recipes are making your list? Share in the comments.

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