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Places We Are Itching to Go When Travel Starts Again


With a little light starting to glimmer at the end of the tunnel and summer starting to make us sweat, our minds are turning ever more to the possibility of soon to be travel plans. Right now we may all be taking trepidatious steps out of our homes and this is likely to spill over into our thirst for calm and quiet adventure. Rather than travel to far-flung destinations, we are sure to probably start small and be drawn to shores closer to home or remote places far from the madding crowd. Here are the spots we are dreaming of for when travel is safely on the cards again…


Sicily, Italy


Italy was one of the first European destinations to be hit hard with COVID, but this also means its one of the first to be struggling back to its feet. The majority of the pandemic was in the north, and this brings even more solace to the idea of travel to the south. The sultry island of Sicily is virus-free and keen to welcome travelers back with generous discounts. We can’t think of anywhere more tempting than sipping Aperol Spritz in the shadow of the simmering volcanoes. From pretty Palermo to beautiful Borghi, there’s endless enchantment to be had with stays in glorious palazzos, miles of sheer blue coastline to flop with your fave summer reads, ancient archaeology, and the best seafood suppers in the world.


Baja California, USA


For those wanting a slice of the exotic without having to travel far, Baja California can be the dream solution. Endless hues of blue, mystical vibes, and far from the beaten track ensure that you get a good glut of space to yourself. There’s winding roads, tiny villages, taco stands, cold beer, good waves, and star-laden nights that make it a near-perfect spot for an epic road and camping trip. With 1200 km of peninsular you can keep on driving forever. This is also a whale centric spot for those who want to do a spot of marine watching and diving. Baja invites you to the edge of the world, and honestly, we cannot think of anywhere better to be.


The Swiss Alps, Switzerland


While we may be steering clear of ski resorts for a few more months, Alpine grace is glorious in the heady summer months. All this indoor time has made us long for the lush sights of fat cows chewing the cud, wildflowers blazing, and pristine streams running down from dramatic peaks. Arosa, Zermatt, Vals, and Andermatt, there’s endless mountains to choose from. Rent a car and discover the drama, go on some epic hikes, and finish ravenous with vats of gooey fondue, bread, and beer. The Swiss Alpine club is a great way to go if you don’t fancy wandering without a clue through the mountains but make sure that you do find your way to the Matterhorn, just to see that sublime silhouette against the sky.


Maine, USA


We know that Maine struggled with the idea of reopening too soon and we are more than willing to wait, but when the time comes – everyone’s favorite summer state may require a kick in the tourist economy to help recoup some losses. Maine makes for a fabulous post-lockdown choice as it’s an outdoor focused destination.  You can rent your own little cabin, wander in the woods, discover all the glory of the National Parks, sail on the gauzy blue in your own rented boat, and find endless craggy coves to call your own. If you are seeking a socially distant delight, Maine could be the savior of the summer season.

Which destinations are making your post-lockdown bucket list? Share in the comments and together, our itchy feet can dream…

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