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How to Plan a Safe and Sublime Weekend Away


To travel or not to travel, that is the question. Of course, there’s a lot of debate right now other the ethics of a change of scene and depending on where you are in the world and what the COVID numbers are will certainly be feeding into that decision-making loop. While we can’t make the choice for you but we do want to give some hints on how to make it a little safer if you are taking that path. Keep reading for our ideas for those who are looking for a change of scene all while aiming to minimize risk for themselves and others…


Where to Go…Stay Close


While it may be tempting to flee as far away as possible from your own four walls, it may be more prudent to stay closer to home. Take a look at weekend destinations in a city close by or head into the country or along the coast.

Picking a safe destination rather than a dream destination means delving deep into a little statistical research, checking numbers, and making sure you choose somewhere that isn’t a hot zone or too marginally different to the COVID numbers closer to home.

Make sure that you check quarantine rules and lockdown restrictions especially if heading out of state and someplace new so you can make a wise and savvy decision.


How to Get There…Road Trip


One of the best low-risk ways of taking a little vacay right now is to opt for a road trip and even consider camping over your usual fly and flop style escapes. Being behind the wheel and in your own car means a lot less mixing then the airport, train, or bus. While the WHO have added that in-flight transmission isn’t as risky as we all may think, some people just may feel more comfortable traveling by personal car at this time.

 If you do decide to road trip or go by car, don’t get too ambitious distance-wise, you want to make sure that you aren’t just driving all day and that there’s a good balance of rest and play.


Where to Stay…Tent or Rent


As mentioned, opting for campervans or camping could be a great alternative to staying in hotels and other shared accommodation right now. With a tent or camper, you can be in control of your own space. If you do decide to go camping, you may want to double-check that the sites you are planning to stay on will have their shower blocks and other shared facilities open. For self-contained campervans, this could be the most sensible way to travel, especially if you have all your facilities on board. You can stock up with food and fuel at your close to home supermarket so you further reign in the risks.

Private rentals can be another good choice if you want to feel like you aren’t coming into contact with too many people. Private rentals may also reduce the need to eat out if your thoughts are lingering around that. Don’t be shy when it comes to asking about cleaning routines and make sure that you pack your own sanitizing wipes for arrival.

Hotels also have experienced cleaning staff so you won’t need to be concerned about cleaning as much, just make sure you maintain distance in shared areas like the lobby and elevators.


What to Do…Play Outdoors


Not quite ready for bustling bars, raucous restaurants, or manic museums? Fear not, pack all-weather clothes depending on your destination and get ready to embrace the great outdoors. With transmission rates reportedly being much lower outside, you can head out for hikes, go wild swimming in sweet water lakes, picnic in pretty meadows and fields, and tick a fair few national parks off your list. Be sure to check the national parks website before heading out and even consider picking some of the lesser-known places to kickstart crowd-free discovery.

What are your thoughts on traveling right now? We would love to hear them, share in the comments, and stay well.

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