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How to Trick Yourself Into Drinking More Water


If you are one of those people that can wake up, drink a coffee and then steer clear of fluids until your 6 pm glass of wine, then chances are you are chronically dehydrated. Life can be thirsty work and more often than not – most of us aren’t doing enough to quench our thirst.

 Gulping down enough water to ward off those headaches, mood swings, energy slumps, and bleurgh feelings isn’t always easy which is why sometimes we need to find new and innovative ways to get guzzling. If you don’t always feel the parch, here are some tips to help you stay hydrated…


Buy a Pretty Bottle


There’s nothing more boring than a glass of water, but fortunately, the world is brimming with beautiful water bottles that may just inspire you to get sipping. Invest in a water bottle you adore the look of, always keep it full, and place it in sight every single day. It may sound shallow, but sometimes just having something you love in sight will be novel enough to get you drinking.


Eat Fruit


Watermelons, peaches, apples, and pineapples are pumped full of water and can be an amazing way to stay hydrated without reaching for a pitcher of water. If you struggle to keep your drinking level high then try and remember to nibble, chew and tear apart some of the juiciest sweetest fruits imaginable. Along with dousing your insides with water, you also get the added bonus of fibre, natural sugars, and vivacious vitamins to boot.


Find Some Fizz


If you are more of a soda gal then perhaps its time to swap that coke for sparkling water. Sparkling water delivers that punch of perfect fizz but still happily hydrates the body. Still water can be uninspiring, but fizzy water with a handful of ice and cut of lime can almost be a virgin cocktail – if you try really hard to convince yourself that is.


Herbal Bliss



Tea drinking can become part of a super comforting routine and has the bonus of feeling you're blissfully hydrated. Now, there are tons of different kinds of tea and a bunch of beautiful indie tea companies that offer everything from single tastes to sleepy time blends and more. With so many different kinds of tea out there, you can choose a fine flavour for you. Morning tea, afternoon tea (with cake), and a cup of caffeine-free for bed, before you know it you have upped your water ante without a thought.


Salt and Spice and All Things Nice


If you snack on salty crackers and dine on spicy food then you will automatically be reaching for the water jug. Salty foods have a fascinating effect on the body; circulating salt around your body. The salt acts like a magnet pulling the water out of your cells, meaning that your body starts to crave clean replacement fluids. Plus, do we really need any more reason to reach for more burritos in life?


Start Small


You will probably find it tricky to go from half a cup of water to the full eight ounces so set realistic goals and start small. Don’t declare that you will drink 2 litres a day as you will probably overwhelm your mind before you even turn on the tap. Start small, just by having a glass of water before your morning coffee you will have wriggled in a routine that will grow to be easy to keep. Once you have mastered the morning glass then you can add in another glass in the afternoon, until before you know it – you are putting Adam Sandler’s Waterboy to shame. Also, scientists are kindly reminding us that the propaganda days of 2 litres a day aren’t quite as clear cut as you would think. Correct water consumption can be a personal thing that depends on weight, climate, and activity level.

What's your water level saying? Any tips or tricks to share? Let us know in the comments.


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