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6 Best Hangover Brunches to Heal Your Soul



Uncorking the champagne, Christmas parties, the fine flow of wine with dinner, and all those beers thrust into your hand when visiting friends – festive fun seems to come dressed up with gallons of booze. While drinking responsibly is always a must, sometimes we let our sensibilities slip and suffer the consequences in the form of a mega hangover. When your body is dehydrated, nauseated, and in need of a ton of nutrients, only these brilliant hangover brunch suggestions will heal your soul…


English Pile Up


If you need all the carbs and protein mashed into a delicious English muffin pile on, this brunch burger will satiate every inch of your aching soul. Toast and butter your English muffin, top with smashed avocado, crispy bacon, a fried egg, jack cheese, and a spicy hollandaise sauce made from jalapeno. Messy, delicious and sure to soak up any bad behavior.


Banana, Mint and Coconut Smoothie


If you feel the need to atone for your sins, then this soft, gentle and electrolyte-rich smoothie is sure to see you right. Potassium-rich bananas and soothing mint works wonders on delicate stomachs, and coconut water is exceptional for replenishing lost electrolytes and stopping you feeling so dehydrated. Simply blend up five baby bananas with 2 cups of coconut water, a handful of fresh mint leaves, and a teaspoon of vanilla. Sip and go.


Irish Mackerel Breakfast



Oily rich fish is a glorious go-to when it comes to killing off that hangover. Bring a pan of salty water to the boil and poach your fillet of mackerel for 4-6 minutes until cooked. Poach two large free-range eggs in another pan of water for 3 minutes, ensuring the yolk stays soft and runny. Toast two slices of sourdough bread and drizzle with oil. Pile on the mackerel, top with the poached eggs and sprinkle with freshly cut chives and a twist of black pepper.




An impressive feast that will have you bouncing off the walls in no time, shakshuka is a North African style dish for poaching eggs in a spicy tomato sauce and its absolutely delicious. Slice up two red onions and chop four garlic cloves, sprinkle with cumin and cook for 5 minutes in a pan until soft and golden. Slice up four mixed color peppers, add to the pan and cook for 15 minutes until soft. Tip in a tin or two of tomatoes with some water, and let it bubble away for 10 minutes – season generously. When the sauce is thick, spread it out across the pan, and use a spoon to form four little pockets. Crack an egg in each pocket and cover with foil until the eggs are cooked. Sprinkle with chopped parsley and a dollop or two of yoghurt and use flatbread to mop it all up.


Smoothie Bowl


Healing smoothie bowls will knock your hangover right out of the park, and make you feel smug for not turning to greasy fried foods on the road to recovery. Grab 2 cups of kale, half an avocado, a cup of frozen blueberries, and a cup of cashew or almond milk and whizz everything up in a blender. Pour into a bowl and top with sliced banana, a handful of your favorite nuts, a teaspoon of sesame seeds, and a generous drizzle of honey.


Bacon and Cheddar Pancake Bites

If you happen to be a lover of at least a few carbs in the form of muffins or cakes, you need to try bacon and cheddar pancake bites. They're flavorful and will satisfy that need for a muffin yet still offer some great protein with the bacon and cheddar.

You'll need three slices of bacon, a cup of flour, a cup of whole milk, a cup of shredded cheddar cheese, one teaspoon of baking soda, and 1 egg. All things that you most likely have in your pantry.

Chop and cook your bacon bits nice and crispy. Combine all the ingredients in a mixing bowl. Pour the mix into a mini muffin tin, filling each tin about 2/3 full, and bake at 375°F for approximately 15 minutes.

You’ll have 15 to 20 savory bacon bites to help you undo the effects of last night's merry binge.

Which hangover recipes do you turn too when feeling delicate? Share ideas with us in the comments.


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