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It's Pumpkin Spice Season: Here's How to Order the Healthiest Starbucks Drinks

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With fall on the horizon and those pumpkin spiced lattes pulling us back to Starbucks once more, maybe it's time to take a deep dive into the most awesome beverages and brews adorning the menu. Starbucks is an American staple.

From morning coffees to sweltering summer afternoon iced teas, fabulous fall concoctions (with tons of whipped cream), and winter warmers - this classic coffee shop has been keeping us cozy and hydrated for years. We love coffee and we love slurping or sipping delicious creative Starbuck concoctions.

But, full disclosure - we don't always love how loaded these drinks can be with sugar, calories, and added fats.

Not that we are all about depriving ourselves of pleasure (life is too short), but for health-conscious sippers or those who just don't want to fall into a post-Starbucks sugar crash, we have the lowdown on how to feed your Starbucks obsession, to have your frappucino and eat it too, without having to worry.

The Tastiest Healthy Starbucks Drinks That Are On The Menu

Healthy Starbucks Pumpkin Drinks


Every year we fall hard for the fall favorite of the Starbucks pumpkin lineup. There's something about pumpkin and hot milk that has us ready to don our biggest sweaters, grab our favorite books, and curl up with a hot cup to hide from the bracing weather outside. The sweet pumpkin sauces, whipped creams, and syrups don't get the best rap when it comes to health, but there are ways you can join in the fun of fall with these healthy Starbucks choices.

Pumpkin Spice Hot Coffee

Calories: 90 calories
Ingredients: coffee, almond milk, water, pumpkin sauce and vanilla syrup

A classic fall fave, ask for your tall blonde roast americano and welcome in that sweet and spicy flavor with one pump of pumpkin spice and 3 pumps of sugar-free vanilla syrup. Instead of full fat or any kind of dairy milk, you can order steamed almond milk for a lightly sweetened flavor that works in perfect harmony with the pumpkin flavor.

Iced Pumpkin Spice Latte

Calories: 90 calories
Ingredients: coffee, water, skim milk, half and half cream, sugar free syrup

While it doesn't get the reputation as being one of the healthier Starbucks drinks, you can totally fall in love with the Iced Pumpkin Latte without crashing into a sugar coma. The. Iced Pumpkin Latte is a long term love affair and something we look forward to every fall. All hail the pumpkin! You can say a hearty yes to the ice pumpkin spice latte by saying no to the classic syrup and asking for the sugar-free syrup instead. You can also order the grande unsweetened iced coffee as the base, say no to the classic syrup, ask for the sugar-free syrup instead, and ask for half and half sweet cream instead of full fat.

Pumpkin Chai Tea Latte

Calories: 65 calories
Ingredients: chai tea, skim milk, pumpkin sauce

Naturally spicy, chai tea is such a fall fave for a gentle night in. Chai tea is already laced with shades of cinnamon, warming ginger, spiced black pepper, and earthy cardamom. Throw in some pumpkin and you have a match made in heaven. With only 65 calories and skimmed milk in the place of full fat, this pumpkin chai tea is a soul stirrer.

Healthy Starbucks Drinks - Hot


Curling up with a hot drink doesn't have to mean curling up with the calories. The pleasure of hot drinks can still be had without the mocha sauce, the caramel syrup, and the high-fat cream. Instead, you can rekindle your love affair with a busty blonde espresso or blonde flat white, pretty up your cup with matcha teas, and even say yes to the sweet pleasure of syrups for your taste buds as long as you stay sugar-free. Here are some of our favorite healthy Starbucks drinks that come steaming.

Caffe Americano

Calories: 11 calories
Ingredients: coffee and water

Dress that espresso shot up by simply topping it with water until a natural crema layer coats the top. This is classy coffee, make no mistake. There isn't a whole lot to the Caffe americano but if you skip out on any added sugar, it's one of the best choices for coffee drinkers who want to hang at Starbucks and not stress about the calorie count. In short, it's a step up from the regular espresso thanks to that layer of crema bringing a smoother taste.

Matcha Green Tea Latte (non-dairy)

Calories: 73 calories
Ingredients: green tea, non-dairy milk, water

Matcha green tea bursts at the seams with health benefits. Rich in antioxidants, this powerful brew can do so much for you and if you swap out the full-fat milk for a non-dairy version, it's just 73 calories. Not bad. The latte element of matcha tea is a perfect choice as it makes it super creamy and comforting. Matcha green tea is slightly sweet and grassy with gentle floral notes and the best zen vibes.