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All The Vitamins You Should Be Aiming For


Multivitamins and supplements may seem necessary at a time like now, but with a balanced healthy diet you can get all those vits and minerals your body needs. We all know the body and mind need vitamins to thrive, but with so much information out there, it can become noisy trying to distil fact from fiction. We have rounded up your go-to guide for the best vitamins your body craves to keep healthy, happy and in hitting the kitchen for some good grub.


Vitamin D


If you ever needed a reason to step out into the sunlight it’s for a sublime soak in Vitamin D. Healthy for the bones, brilliant for the mind, and an exceptional way of encouraging our bodies to absorb calcium, Vitamin D is a must for the immune system. On those rainy days, you can also find Vitamin D in fatty fish, cheese, egg yolks, and cereal.


Vitamin A


Give your immune system a boost with a delightful dose of Vitamin A. Known for bringing health and balance to our cell health, our reproductive systems and our eyesight, there are more than a handful of reasons to eat your carrots. If carrots aren’t your thing you can also find Vitamin A in other orange and dark green colored fruits and vegetables, along with getting your beta-carotene from dairy, fish and meat.


Vitamin E


Let your hair shine and your skin radiate with wellness as you invite a little Vitamin E to the party. Rich in antioxidants and ever ready to lend a lilt of support to your immune system, Vitamin E can be found in healthy fats, nuts, seeds and those lush leafy greens.


Vitamin C


There’s a lot of misguidance around the sunny delight of Vitamin C, while it doesn’t actually prevent colds and cases of flu, it can help your body to find the strength to fight it faster. If you want to keep your immune system glowing like the grandest star in the sky, then get chomping on those citrus fresh fruits. As an added bonus, Vitamin C is also excellent for your collagen production meaning that your skin will stay soft and supple for longer.


Vitamin B6


If you tend to have low moods most days then Vitamin B6 could be the pick me up you need to get back on a more balanced track. This is the vitamin responsible for helping to raise our serotonin levels. Not only does Vitamin B6 help balance moods, but it also helps our brain to successfully send signals and messages around the body. You can pick up Vitamin B in fish, potatoes and starchy veg, or take a supplement a Vitamin B6 tends to be something low in our bodies.


Vitamin B12


B12 can be a challenge for some dietary restrictions as it is most commonly found in meat, dairy and shellfish products. This vit helps our bodies to produce new red blood cells which of course, keeps us healthy and thriving and full of energy. If your diet doesn’t allow for B12 you can take a supplement or stock up on your fortified breakfast cereal.




A popular piece of the B Vitamin puzzle, Folate (AKA folic acid) is essential for keeping cognitive functions high and cardiovascular health ticking over. Fortunately, there are tons of options for foods that have Folate – from leafy greens to seafood and grains, load up on Folate and your body will thank you.

Which vitamins make it into your daily diet? Share your thoughts and awesome recipes in the comments.

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