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A Guide to Diffusers to Meet Your Every Mood



Room diffusers are on the up, after all, what better way to bless your home with an uplifting scent than with an easy to use, affordable, and simple method. Whether you choose an essential oil heat diffuser, an evaporative style of diffuser, or a reed diffuser; all of the above are touted as being safer, healthier, and blessed with natural grace when compared to the more chemical-heavy air fresheners.

There are a ton of benefits that come with essential oil diffusers. Not only do they keep your home wafting in welcoming scents but pick the right fragrance to match your mood and you will boost your mental clarity, your sense of home cosiness, you can enjoy fresher sleep, and you can give your sinuses a little light relief. Take a look at our simple guide to selecting the best-scented diffuser to meet your mood.


For Sublime Sleep


We all know that sweet long sleep comes from crashing out in a field of purple lavender so why not bring that soothing balm into your home. For those who want to sink down into sheer bliss, lavender is your top option. If the scent is too sweet, you could switch to mandarin or sweet marjoram or of course -chamomile. Rose is another elegant scent that encourages shut-eye.


For Good Vibes


If you want your home to be a bastion of beautiful uplifting energy then you are best turning towards bright citrusy scents for the answer. Orange essential oil is forever a feel-good mood, especially as it transports you back to those joyous and juicy summer days. Rosemary, Sage and Sandalwood are also mood enhancers as they pull on our connection with Mother Earth and make us feel energized and connected.


For Seasonal Bliss


Scents that move with the seasons pull us back to our natural state and can help us with the glorious gift of grounding. Of course, pine, spruce, nutmeg and cinnamon are all incredible choices for bringing a slice of winter solstice wonder. Nutty forests are big winter choices and when the warmer months roll -by you can opt for joyous jasmine and light lemon.


For Healing Hands


If you are feeling run down by colds and flu, then you can even turn to oil diffusers to clean the air and provide you with much-needed energy to get you out of bed. Eucalyptus is a great healing scent and Thyme a heavenly healer. Cinnamon scents and cloves bring a warming comfort to the space, and Frankincense can sooth that jagged irritability that often comes at times of sickness.

Which scents are striking a chord with you? Share your top choices in the comments.

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