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8 Instant Boredom Breakers for Right Now


As we wait to turn the corner, those active minds out there may be struggling to keep themselves entertained. In other times perhaps we could walk, work, or head to far distant lands, the cinema, or a friend’s house to stay occupied. But how do you break the weight of boredom at home? To keep you turning on your own personal axis, here are our ten best boredom breaking ideas for right now…


Enrol in an Online Course


From perfecting your Spanish to studying the art of war in Ancient Greece, picking up a free course in computer coding, or learning to salsa dance, the World Wide Web brims with opportunities for learning. There are a ton of online courses you can take; some free, some paid and in practically every subject you can imagine. If you want to use this time to up your learning, there are plenty of resources to turn to.


Map Your Family Tree


If you ever wanted to know where you came from, whether your ancestors were of regal stock or whether your roots are near and far, then this could be a great time to map out your family tree. Normally a huge undertaking, why not if you have the time and the interest? Spread out your photos, talk your relatives, and scour the web for clues that link you and your genealogy.


Get Baking


Softly therapeutic and with delicious results to boot, if you want to get busy – the kitchen is calling. From healthy walnut studded banana bread to perfect pies and cookies, baking is known to bring down heightened stress levels and lends your mind to a relaxing task.


Move Your Body


One of the most important things we can be doing right now for our body and our mind is moving. Many of us may find that we aren’t moving around as much as we used to, which can cause an energy slump and lead to low moods. Turn the music up and dance for ten minutes, stretch out with some yoga, or do whatever you can simply to get the blood flowing and to feel your way out of dead energy.




If you are in a position where you are healthy and low risk enough to leave the house, it may be worth checking out volunteer options in your local area. Whether it's helping to pick up food for neighbors, cooking for medical staff, or even just walking people’s dogs, not only will you be giving back to the world but it can help your mental health to feel useful at this time.


Call Someone


Family, friends, far distant contacts who for some reason are still in your address book – now is the perfect time to be catching up on correspondence. If calling someone seems a little much, send an email or pen a long and rambling letter. If you feel like there is no-one on your radar right now, then pen letters to your present self as though you are looking back on the future – this can be a truly illuminating practice.


Get Dating


If you aren’t in a relationship then now could be a good time to nurture new friendships and potential romantic connections via virtual dating apps. Sure, it may be a long time until you can head out on a date, but there’s nothing to stop you having some flirty fun or getting into long deep exchanges with someday suitors.


Sell Your Clothes


While you are clearing out your wardrobe why not pick some items that can be listed on selling sites like Depop or eBay. Sort the high-quality items you don’t wear, take some pretty pictures, create a listing, and post them on the site. It could be an excellent way of earning a little cash to tide you over.

What have you been doing to keep busy? Share your ideas with us in the comments and let’s build a big list of boredom breakers.

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