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8 Craft Cocktails Inspired by Fiction


Books and booze, we are loving this list of creative cocktails inspired by all our favourite literary things. From Tequila Mockingbird to Hogwarts inspired butterbeer, take a look at these imaginative tipples to a page-turning treat…


Beer Milkshake

John Steinbeck is an American treasure; beloved for his vivid descriptions of California, his tear-jerking take on the depression era, and his ability to conjure up the beer milkshake in Cannery Row. The character of Doc is obsessed with the idea of the beer milkshake; frothy, creamy or curdled? Whip one up to find out.


Margarita Atwood

Tear down the patriarchy with your favourite tipple as you raise a glass and take a glug of your Margarita Atwood. Celebrating the Canadian author's heritage with a slug of maple syrup, this sweet meets salty glass of sass is sure to go down a treat.




Seriously, who didn’t want to down a Butterbeer with Hagrid during a snowy day at Hogsmeade? Well, we can’t promise friendly giants, but this recipe for butterbeer could be just the magical pick me up you need after a day fighting the Dark Lord.


White Russian

We know The Big Lebowski isn’t a book but we love The Dude so much we had to slip it in. For when you want to celebrate defeating nihilism, bowling, and hanging out all day in your dressing gown – this recipe for the dudes favourite drink abides.


Bridget Jones Daiquiri

The queen of drunken singing, big pants and a quaint British charm – this cocktail inspired by Bridget Jones Diary is bound to make you crack your own bout of jokes about Mr Darcy, stick your foot in your mouth and scream bugger off at any given chance.


Mother of Dragons

Champagne, dragon fruit and Daenerys Targaryen. For those who haven’t quite come to terms with the finale of HBO’s hit show, or for those still drowning their sorrows awaiting George RR Martin’s alternate ending, this Mother of Dragons champagne cocktail and her house counterparts can help us all deal with the fact that winter came and went.


The Gin Fitzy


The Great Gatsby’s Tom Buchanan adores a good glass of Gin Fitzy and indeed, during the languid summers on West Egg what better drink is there? F Scott Fitzgerald himself was said to be a gin fan and we can’t think of a better homage to the roaring twenties than this glass of gin and lime muddled magic.


Moloko Plus

Viddy well, let's hope this Clockwork Orange inspired classic won’t put you in the mood for the old ultra-violence. Served in the fictional universe of the Korova Milkbar by Anthony Burgess, this creamy concoction called the Moloko Plus may be complex but makes the perfect accompaniment to Beethoven’s 9th.

Which literary long drinks or flash fictions are you loving? Send us your crafty cocktail ideas in the comments.

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