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10 Reasons to be Thankful for your Thirties


All this lamenting about getting old is overrated. for those of you who are still clawing your way through your twenties – fear not there is hope on the horizon. Anyone who has already passed the benchmark will let you in on a well-known secret, being in your thirties and beyond is actually awesome. There’s always an old joke about wine and cheese getting better with age, but the same is true for how we learn to live our lives. Your 30’s are the sweet years; the decade when you finally give yourself permission to bloom into who you are. Don’t believe us? Here’s a roundup of 10 reasons to be thankful about your thirties…


You Made It Out Your Twenties


Pity the youth! Those tender twenties are tough years. This was the decade about proving yourself to the world, finding your feet, stumbling through your opinions, and generally trying to sew together knowledge of yourself and a plan. Sprinkle that with lashings of self-doubt and binge drinking and it’s a wonder anyone makes it out in one piece.


You Will Probably Care Less

Now you are in your thirties, odds are you probably care less. You have finally realized that saying no to things you don’t want to do doesn’t mean that everyone will hate you, that going to bed at 11 pm doesn’t signify your loser status, and that if someone doesn’t like you for who you are – meh, whatever.


You May Hit Your Sexual Peak


Fumbling through your teens and twenties is kind of all action and no clue. But science dictates that many of us hit our sexual peak in our thirties. Sure this may be some evolutionary adaptation for fertility, but whether you want to procreate or not, we can all celebrate the benefits of being more sexually sure of ourselves.


You Know What You Like

Many of us spend our younger days trying to play it cool and desperately trying to stash our true selves in the bottom of the laundry basket. Enter your thirties; this is the era where you are starting to finally take a deep breath and declare your love of smutty historical fiction, 80’s pop bangers, and Saturday nights stroking your cats. No more trying to impress people.


Your Personality Has Taken Root


Harvard Psychologist William James said that once you hit your thirties then your personality is pretty much set like plaster. That’s not to say that you become unmovable or written in stone, but that our fundamental personality traits have settled in, creating a steady foundation on which we can learn and grow. This pretty much all adds up to – fewer internal battles with the self.


Your FOMO is Ebbing Away

While your twenties can be twitched in the anxiety that everyone else out there is having an amazing time, you know that in your thirties – we all share struggles, social media doesn’t depict reality, and that turning down an invite or two for the sake of your physical and mental sanity doesn’t lead to your social life collapsing around you.


You Finally Get Quality Over Quantity


Sure you can buy five bottles of cheap wine for the price of that Chablis but you also know that the Chablis won’t be trying to bludgeon your skull tomorrow morning. Finally, you have hit your thirties where quality matters most. This doesn’t just apply to the wonders of your wine choice but also to your friends and social circles. You finally get that it's better to have three real dependable friends than to have thirty fair-weather pals.


You Can Take Care of Yourself

From whipping up some simple yet divine Sunday suppers to making your bed each morning and having dishes actually washed and stacked on the reg, needing to borrow less money from your parents, and even being able to get out of bed before noon – your thirties are an era where it becomes cool to be capable.


You Can Let Go a Little Easier


Maybe you will have had your first heartbreak or your first experience where you had to let someone or something go – whether person, place, ideal, or even a dream you once had. If by the time you get to your thirties you have had to loosen your grip then you will know the lesson of learning to let things go if they no longer serve you.


You Know You Will Survive

If you have made it out of twenties intact then you probably know that life loves to throw curveballs, pull the rug out, and generally send your best-laid plans soaring over the wall. But you also know strength, resilience, and that treading water means you will survive.

What did you love or what do you love about being in your thirties? Share in the comments.

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