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10 Crystals Every Gal Needs in Her Life


Whether you want a pocket full of pretty stones to turn to in times of low energy or if you truly trust in the healing energies offered by crystals, here are ten of our favorite precious stones for lighting up your life….


Rose Quartz


Heal your heart and say yes to love and self-compassion in all shapes and forms as you welcome the soft pink hues of Rose Quartz into your world. When we talk about love, its not just the love you receive from romance, but the ability to be gentle to yourself, to trust with elegance and ease, and to live in free and open harmony.




The crown chakra crystal that taps into your own intuition, amazing Amethyst oozes with wisdom, truth, and power. The purple hued crystal is all soothing tones – ever ready to cleanse you of muddled anxiety so you can be clear-eyed and authentic in your decision making.




A splash of sunlight in your purse or pocket, Citrine is radiant with positive vibes, summer feels, and knows how to set your soul up to attract abundance. If you are tired of feeling like there’s a shadow hanging over your head, Citrine will chase the clouds away, bringing bright bursts of joy and sugar-coated spins to help you feel as though your heart is full and wide.




As ripe and round as the fabled moon hanging in the sky, the Moonstone is full of feminine power and one of the stones that is sure to fill your soul with goddess light. Providing light in the darkness, linking you to your own power, and keeping you clean and clear and bright of mind, the Moonstone urges you to reconnect to your intuition when finding your path in the wider world.




Cleanse your soul with the stone that seems to hold the essence of the green blue sea. Turquoise is a must have go with the flow tool that every gal should have. The watery stone says yes to strengthening your own voice so it can sing out in truth rather than shy away from self-expression. It invites you to plunge a little deeper, so you can uncover pearls of wisdom. For those who want to communicate with calmness and clarity, Turquoise makes it happen.




Who doesn’t want an extra dose of dreamy good luck in their life? Cool hues and a magnet for attracting all the things you crave - Jade is a joyful stone to have on side. Famed in the east as being an amulet for health, wealth, and abundance, Jade invites you to manifest your magic. Jade is also known for being an essential tool in Feng Shui, a practice all about bringing harmony and healing to any space you occupy.




Ripe and rare and one of the more sexually charged crystals, Garnet with its glimmering pomegranate hues is all about embracing your sensual side and saying yes to your deepest desires. It’s a stone that encourages you not to shy away from your own power. Garnet brings warmth to every corner of your being and stirs the life force stashed inside, for those gals who want to feel the fire, the Garnet has got your back.




The decision maker stone, perfect for those gals who find themselves trapped in overwhelm or locked into people pleasing behaviors. This stone is here with all its bright and luminous energy to give you back the faith you need to make choices that work for you. Fluorite seems to be fine-tuned to all the earthly energies and is said to be a good marriage maker between the head and the heart.




Every gal needs a good protector on side, fortunately Tourmaline is here to fend off toxic vibes and make sure that no matter what, you stay safe and strong. Having Black Tourmaline in your life is like slipping on a cloak and shield, it gives you the confidence to step out knowing that you have a companion ever ready t mop up all those bad vibrations, leaving you soaked in the light of pure positivity and unclouded thought.




Also known as the Stone of Sincerity, pretty opaque pearls are no longer considered passe and are instead being rediscovered for their pure and fresh healing vibes. Having a pearl close by means that you are ready to be pure in your commitment to yourself, to be sincere in your choices, and to cultivate healthy habits when it comes to love, communication, and a positive mindset for attracting abundance.

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