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How to Manifest a More Positive Mindset


Positive thinking may sound like a buzzword but it actually comes with plenty of physical and emotional benefits that can totally pick up your health and wellbeing. Having the ability to approach life with a little more pep and softer thinking can nurture your sense of confidence, reduce stress and anxiety, and can bring a sense of lightness to your soul. A spectrum of emotions is always a good thing for living life with a sense of beautiful balance and feeling all the feels, but if you crave a little more positivity in place of all the doom and gloom, these tips can help.


Sort That Self Talk


While positive whitewashing everything isn’t always a healthy thing to do, if you are someone who tends to get swept along in negative self-talk then you may want to practice a little more positivity. Being able to recognize when you are bringing negative self-talk to the table and learning to be a bit more gentle with yourself is a great practice for bringing inward compassion and positive encouragement to your life, even when mistakes are made or things don’t seem to be going to plan.


Cut Down on Toxicity


The people we surround ourselves with can have a massive impact on our mood. Of course, we can’t expect those we love to be bright and beaming every day as that’s an unfair expectation, but it’s well worth taking note of those people who have a long-term tendency to completely drain your energy. If you find yourself worn and drawn after spending time with people who have a penchant for complaining, bringing criticism, and just generally making you feel down, then you may want to spend less time around these people if possible.


Treasure Small Pleasures


All too often we get swept up in the big challenges of life and we don’t stop to treasure the small pleasures enough. From savoring the silence that accompanies that morning cup of coffee to stretching your body for five-minutes before work, and treating yourself to an ice-cream cone, these small pleasures are the stitches that bind the essence of life. Whether it’s keeping a gratitude journal, taking a few minutes to breathe in the moment before plunging into your next activity, or treating yourself to something small and joy bringing every single day, try and find ways to celebrate the small things.


Have a Constructive Mindset


Being positive doesn’t mean being blind to the problems and challenges that are ultimately a part of life, it just means not being tied up in them 24/7. It’s ok to have problems, to be frustrated, and to feel a little lost but it may not be the healthiest approach to wallow in this for a long time. If you are facing a problem, maybe set yourself a deadline on feeling hard done by – say you get 2 days to wallow and weep and process your feelings before trying to put a constructive plan together. This balance means that you are able to feel your feels first and then strategize a solution.


Be Present But Remember Time Passes


It’s a tired cliché but one that carries a lot of weight. If you want to stay in a positive mindset then one of the best methods is to try and embrace being present. Often, a lot of negativity can stem from spiral thinking in which you find yourself tumbling down the rabbit holes of potential ‘what if’s’. When we go into catastrophe thinking, our body reacts to those stress factors as if they are actually happening, which can send our cortisol levels up leading to stress and anxiety. Don’t overload your emotional plate if you don’t have to as often the things we fear don’t come to pass. On another note, if you are in a time of hardship try and stay connected to the idea that turbulent times do pass and that whatever is going on right now isn’t going to last forever.

What are your tips for embracing a more positive mindset? Share your pearls of wisdom with us in the comments.


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