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Why Getting a Pet Will Complete You


Whether it’s a bounding slobbering dog, a teeny tiny claw stretched cat, or even a hip little hamster or rabbit – pets bring bundles of joy into our world. While making the decision to give in and get a pet may feel like climbing a mountain, if you are in a good position to give a creature a home, it can work wonders for your mental and physical health. Take a look at these lovely ways in which having a pet will complete your world.


A Constant Companion


If you live alone or even if you work on a separate shift pattern to your partner or roomie, coming home to an empty house can feel a little disheartening. Now imagine there’s a soft furry creature who cannot wait to see you. Pets make for perfect companions; they anchor you to a solid schedule, they give back with epic snuggles, and they make a home feel warmer and more alive.


A Reason to Get Out


If you are someone who tends to be a bit of a hermit or struggles to get out of bed, a dog can change all that. Dogs need their daily walk, ensuring that you get out and about into the fresh air every day. Not only is this excellent from a stance of physical exercise but it means you get a dose of vitamin D, get your heart going, and gives you a healthy routine that you can’t make excuses against.


They Make You More Responsible


A pinch more responsibility is never a bad thing. If you tend to suffer from depression then an animal can really help lift your mood by encouraging you to feel responsible for the wellbeing of something in the external world. When a pet needs you to be around for their basic care needs, it means you have to get out of bed or come home or take on some form of responsibility which is good for our mental health.


It’s a Healing Love


We have all had our hardships in love and life, but the relationship you have with an animal is often nothing but healing. Animals (especially dogs) offer the epitome of unconditional love. Studies have shown that those who are suffering from grief or PTSD or mental health issues all benefit from the bond they forge with their furry family.


Evolution Says So


Science has proven that dog and human genomes evolved together. Apparently our sense of smell dipped when we domesticated dogs as they became our fifth sense. This means without them we are literally not our whole and complete selves. In short, we are evolutionary partners and made to be paired together. If that isn’t the best reason ever, we don’t know what it.

What are your thoughts on pet ownership? We’d love to hear all about your furry friends in the comments.

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