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What’s The Deal With Chakras?



If you have ever dabbled in something semi-spiritual, whether a yoga class or meditation podcast, odds are you will have heard someone use the term ‘chakras’. It’s easy to write it off as a load of boho buzz talk, but many believe in these energy centres of the body and if you are feeling out of whack – yours could be out of alignment. Whether you believe it or not, having all the inside info on chakras can help satiate your curiosity and make you think about your inner balance.


What Are Chakras?


To put it really simply; chakras are like discs or coils of energy scattered along the energetic pathway that connects the central nervous system. There are seven in total and when everything is in harmony, energy will run up and down the spine to the brain without being blocked, and we will be our finest functional selves.

However, life rarely works without a glitch and its common knowledge that these energy pockets can get blocked, as though the body was a well-oiled machine starting to splutter. Chakras can get blocked in many ways; from big traumas to small encounters, and when they become blocked we fall out of spiritual balance and need some help to get back on track.


Where Are the Seven Chakras?


The Root Chakra sits at the base of your spine and in your pelvic floor. This is the chakra that grounds you and plays a foundational role in your sense of security and need for survival. When the root chakra is blocked we feel unstable and can have a lot of fear around essential needs; food, water, money and independence.



The Sacral Chakra occupies space in the lower abdomen. It's responsible for our creative and sexual energy. When it's in harmony; life is playful and you are able to express yourself both physically and mentally. When blocked you may fear change, lose your libido, and fall into depressive states.



The Solar Plexus Chakra is in the upper abdomen, closer to your stomach than your pelvis. This is the area associated with confidence and feeling in control. This chakra reigns over your self-esteem so unsurprisingly when it's off-kilter you may become indecisive, not trust your own mind, and physically may have digestion problems.



The Heart Chakra can be found in the chest and is said to be where the spiritual and the physical meet. This is the place responsible for being able to give and receive love in a healthy and harmonious manner. When blocked, you may struggle with anger, jealousy and hold grudges.



The Throat Chakra is all about communicating your own truths. If you find yourself unable to speak your mind, frozen in conversation, and worry that others will judge you, then your throat chakra may be blocked. When aligned you feel as though you can express yourself and listen with crystal clarity.



The Third Eye Chakra sits squarely between the eyebrows. It's our pinpoint of intuition and where we connect with those big-picture ideas. It’s the bridge between the inner self and the outside world. When blocked, maybe you will have trouble listening to your innate wisdom and it can leave you feeling anxious and with headaches.



The final chakra is the Crown Chakra. It’s our spiritual crown and how we connect to a higher consciousness of being. This is where your awareness hangs out and is how we connect to the collective outside of ourselves. When blocked you may feel isolated and cut off from the world, or you may just feel relatively normal as the crown chakra is not always fully open.


How Do I Get Unblocked?


Meditation, Yoga and Reiki are the three most common ways in which you can unblock your chakras. There are also lifestyle tweaks you can make to stop these areas becoming blocked as often including living an active life, eating well and cutting out excessive drinking.

What do you think of Chakras? Share your thoughts in the comments.



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