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What Does the Term Re-Wilding Really Mean?


When we talk about rewilding we aren’t referring to the environmental sense of handing spaces back to nature, we are referring to the born-again trend of finding your feminine energy, and rewilding as a woman. The term re-wilding is thrown around quite a lot in sacred sister circles and events connected to more spiritual orientated mindsets. But whether you adore the bohemian way of life or if you prefer to be a little more grounded in the world, we can all benefit from the bounty that re-wilding can bring to the table.


What is Rewilding


Rewilding across the board refers to a return to the natural state. If we take this and apply it to our human selves, we understand that it means stripping back expected social conventions, undressing pretence and returning to our deeper more authentic and more connected selves. It’s about practices and mindsets that connect us solidly, not only with the earth beneath our feet, but also back to our true state – when we had to rely on deep intuition, natural energy cycles, and simpler choices to survive.


Why We Need It


Our modern world comes with many amazing treasures; cultural fun, comfort for those of us who are lucky enough to enjoy it, and all the convenience of technology, full schedules, and great adventures to fill our time. Yet, this can serve as a double-edged sword as the 21st century leads us further away from our wilder roots and from being immersed in nature.

Doctors in Scotland have recently been prescribing rambling and birdwatching as part of treatment plans for patients suffering from mental illness, heart problems, and stress. We are no stranger to the fact that soil beneath our feet, the scent of flora in bloom, birdsong and babbling brooks can be a beautiful antidote to when times are feeling tough. The idea of rewilding takes this and runs with it.

When we learn to rewild it makes space for so much healing to be done. Not only will it encourage us to tap back into our bodies but in turn, this also reconnects us with our deeper intuition, our inner voice, and allows for us to speak our truths, be comfortable in our bodies, and to enjoy more intimate and connected relationships.


How Do We Rewild?


The best bit is that according to rewilding experts, this isn’t something we need to learn to do as its inherent in us. It’s just something we need to remember how to do. And it starts with small slow steps, shaking off a lot of the shame centric societal conventions we have learnt, and unravelling so we can get back to the core of our being.

Learning to rewild doesn’t need to be a radical act. Sure you can kick off your shoes, run naked in the woods, and embrace your menstrual blood. But you can also take less drastic steps and embrace small changes. Learning to lead from a place of deep inner desire, tapping into your intuition, and feeling your feels no matter how uncomfortable are all things that help you to connect to your authentic self.

Also, just getting out into nature more. Whether it's walking the dog in the park, escaping the city for a day, taking a minute or two to stop bustling from one place to the next and standing still to feel the sunlight or to watch the stars – it takes only a couple of seconds to momentarily rewild ourselves and we can build on this.

What steps will you take to rewild? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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