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Ways to Date Outside of Apps


Sick of swiping?

Tired of Tinder?

Had enough of Hinge?

Whatever your reason, sometimes it just feels healthy to get out of the dating app game. While the modern world and hectic schedules make it easier to make dating happen, some say it cuts out the fun fueled possibility of flirting at bars, falling head over heels at the supermarket, and making eyes at the office water cooler. If you are feeling the need to get back to dating basics and give your index finger a break from all that swiping, then here are some wonderful ways to get dating again outside of the apps.


Ask Friends


It used to be that friends would introduce you to people at parties or pass your number along to potential suitors. We don’t do this anymore because we have simply fallen out of the habit. It’s worth reminding your buds that you are open to dating suggestions if they can wrack their brains. The beauty of dating people who share the same social circle is that it’s likely you already have bucketloads in common. A simple solution, but one often overlooked – spread the word.


Get a New Sociable Hobby


Join a hikers group, go climbing at your local depot, take up art classes or opt for circus school or creative writing classes. If you are hanging out in the same old social circles and not meeting anyone to make your heart skip a beat then its time to expand your repertoire. Meeting someone while mutually enjoying a new hobby sets a tone, provides a great conversation starter and means that you are both on the same page in terms of interests.


Co-Working Spaces


While it used to be that people met at work, the way we work has changed. Many of today’s generation work remotely and can go the whole day with only seeing the postman. A great way to meet new people, get networking, and also combat the potential pitfalls of loneliness as a stay at home worker is to join a coworking community. Most cities and towns have coworking dedicated spaces, clubs, or even coffee shops where you can shack up with your laptop.


Go To Things Alone


We all need more practice when it comes to stepping out into the world solo. Whether it's heading to the cinema alone, swinging by a comedy club, or simply stopping in at your favorite bar for a drink. Going to things solo makes you much more approachable and will even help you keep your eyes peeled for someone who starts a fire in your soul. When we venture out solo we are much more in tune with our surroundings meaning we are likely to stay connected with those trying to subtly communicate the signs of interest.


Get Out of Your Comfort Zone


If you are forever sipping coffee in the same old spots, walking your dog at 11 am on a Saturday and hitting the same old Wednesday night happy hour, perhaps its time to start switching things up. The same places bring the same faces, but just opening yourself to a new locale can open up a wealth of opportunity. Change is often a positive too, so by veering out of your usual lane, you are also bringing yourself a breath of fresh air (along with the chance to find your fantasy crush).

How do you meet people offline? Share your Tinder free tips in the comments.

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