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Positive Ways to Feel Safer in the World


As a woman, it can sometimes be challenging finding safety and security in the world. The statistics are scary, the news channels are terrible, and gender violence is a very real deal. It’s enough to make you want to lock all your doors and hide under the duvet. While society should work together to be a better place for all, there are ways in which we can try and make ourselves feel more grounded and secure in what can sometimes be an overwhelming world. Part of feeling safe isn’t getting dragged down in the negative what if’s because they will always be there. We are more interested in helping to find positive pathways that empower women without glossing over the challenges we all face.


Learn Self Defense


Krav Maga, kickboxing, karate chops – whatever style of self-defence you go for, it can be one of the very best investments you can make. Learning self-defence isn’t just about staying safe; it's about having a newfound confidence when you walk down the street, it's about taking control where you can, getting fit, and also learning a ton of great tips about prevention and awareness. You also get to go out there and meet new kickass women at the class, what’s not to love?


Practice the Basics


Part of feeling safe is keeping yourself balanced so that you are able to separate perceived and real dangers. This is especially true for those who suffer from anxiety. With bad news and constant reminders of potential dangers all around us, it can be hard not to get swept under the tide. By keeping yourself well-fed, rested, and as grounded as can be, your brain and body will become more coherent, and with practice, you may be able to unravel whether your stress signals are anticipatory or necessary right now.


Find Good People


The people we surround ourselves with can have a huge impact on how secure we feel. It may be old news, but it’s important that your relationships (from friends to lovers) make you feel safe and comfortable. If you have people in your life who put you on edge, make you feel fluttery and anxious to be around them, and who cause you to shrink into yourself then you may want to start untangling yourself from spending time with these people. The world is challenging enough and we need moments of respite from all that nervous energy.


Push Comfort a Little


It may sound counterintuitive but feeling safer can sometimes mean spreading out in the world, pushing your boundaries inch by inch, and growing confidence in capability. Whether it's taking a day hike alone, heading out on a solo trip, or going to the cinema alone, there’s something to be said about practising doing things alone as it makes you understand that you are strong, you are capable, and you are more than worthy.

Watch Your Clickbait


We are all suckers for a good news story but it does well to remember the rather cynical golden rule of publishing - ‘if it bleeds, it reads’. The next time you go into a google hole reading all about the terrible murders that have ever happened, just take a moment and ask yourself; ‘is this going to be good for my mental health?’. Some days we feel strong enough to tackle the horrors of the world, some days we don’t and it always makes sense to check in with yourself and watch your clickbait. Sometimes simply unfollowing the news on your social media for a while or restricting the bad news stories can help the doom and gloom feel less heavy.

Do you feel safe in the world? What practices do you bring into your day to help yourself feel more secure? Share your support in the comments.

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