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How to Marie Kondo Your Life


After the Marie Kondo craze we all have beautifully clean and uncluttered houses. Our wardrobes have been ransacked, our clothes are rolled, and we are feeling super smug about all that minimalist chic space we can call our own. But what about when the rest of our lives is groaning under the weight of being a hot mess? What about when our love lives are cluttered, our finances far from bringing joy, and our jobs a lousy pile-up of skeletons in the closest style tasks? Here are a few tips to bring you a sigh of relief and to apply the fabulous philosophy of Marie Kondo to every corner of your world…


Does it Spark Joy?


The number one question on Marie Kondo’s lips and one we should apply to every avenue of our existence. Now, of course, joy is a fluctuating feeling and not something we can live in around the clock. However, look at the categories of your life carefully – is your home situation sparking joy? Is your relationship? Is your social calendar sparking joy? Most often we will feel our dissatisfaction in our bodies and the pit of our stomach, but sometimes it takes a little time to reconnect with our inner voice and our intuition. In other words, its time to go back to working on instinct and letting the heart lead.


Time to Pack Away Nostalgia?


While our adoration for nostalgia can rear its head when it comes to collecting journals and photos and clinging to our childhood things, it can also show up in other areas of our lives. Some of us may hold on to friendships or relationships that once served us but now don’t. We hold on to people because of the memories we have shared, but relationships evolve and sometimes, we need to act from a place of the present rather than the past. Perhaps its time to pack away the nostalgia and start keeping things (not out of habit) but because they continue to serve us and spark joy.


What Holds Power Over You?


Marie Kondo is a big purveyor of the idea that possessions shouldn’t hold power over you. We can also apply that to other areas of life too. Perhaps your phone or other technology has a hold over you? Maybe your job runs you dry? Maybe your relationship consumes you? A beautifully acted life is all about equilibrium and sometimes that can mean readdressing how you spend your time and making sure that you are making space for all of those who matter to you but also carving out room for yourself and the things that bring passion to your world.


Can You Visualize a Streamlined Life?


When you sit down to visualize the streamlined life that is waiting for you – what does it look like? Having a to daily do list, making time to write in your journal, and having headspace for effectively mapping out and plotting your day, month, year can all help you to cut out the fat and procrastination and will lead to you living your best life, free from the clutter and chaos and using your time wisely on the things that are taking you where you want to be.


Do You Show Gratitude?


Remember those scenes where Marie Kondo had people thank inanimate objects before chucking them away? If people are showing that much care and gratitude to items they don’t want, consider how much time you spend expressing gratitude to those you do want, and even how much gratitude you express for yourself and your own efforts and strengths. Taking a moment to tell someone you are grateful for them, writing in a daily gratitude journal, and learning to set boundaries, give yourself rest, and do nice things for yourself will all add up to deeper more heartfelt connections; not only with those you care about but also with yourself.

Which Marie Kondo tips are you taking away? Share in the comments.

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