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Healthy Ice-Cream Sundaes You Can Make at Home


With summer well and truly here it’s a great time to turn to the pleasure of an ice-cream sundae. You are never too old to indulge in a sweet-toothed treat; whether a banana split, a few scoops of cookie dough, or something special with sprinkles, jimmies, gooey caramel, and a cherry on top. For those who want to pull out a spoon without going into a sugar crash, these healthy homemade ice-cream sundaes are just the ticket…


The Froyo Breakfast Sundae


Non-fat yogurt, frozen bananas, cups of fresh berries to decorate and granola and nut butter dressing turns a boring breakfast into something truly spectacular. Chop up your bananas and freeze them overnight for the best results, before blending the yogurt, berries, and bananas together until it takes on the constancy of soft-serve ice-cream. Scoop into a bowl and scatter with coconut granola and some fresh fruit. Get the full recipe here.


Raw Cookie Dough Ice Cream


What was once a naughty habit has been turned on its head to be a healthy treat with this vegan raw cookie dough ice-cream. Raw cashews, rolled oats, sweet pitted dates, and ice-cream made from avocado, spinach, almond milk, and raw cacao. It may not be the easiest ice-cream to whip up but the effort is well worth every bite. Click here for the full recipe.


Banana Ice-Cream Sundae


A delectable banana sundae is the stuff of vintage pop date night dreams, especially when it comes topped with whipped cream. This version comes to our kitchen countertops with no sugar and no dairy making it a win-win treat all round. Frozen bananas blended with vanilla bean form the ice-cream base before being scooped up and dressed to impress with whipped up coconut cream and a delectable lip-smacking peanut butter sauce. Get ready to fall in love with this easy and eatworthy recipe.


Raw Vegan Flower Coconut Sundae


Want to create something that’s an absolute showstopper on the plate? This Raw Vegan Flower Coconut Sundae is as pretty as it sounds. First, dairy-free coconut ice-cream is uplifted with cacao, maple syrup, almond butter, and cashew buttered dates. Scatter with pine nuts and decorate with delicate edible flowers for an elegant afternoon treat or after dinner delight. To get the details take a look here.


Strawberry Vanilla Nice Cream Sundae


Frozen bananas, frozen fruits, and a little splash or two of almond milk and vanilla extract are the way forward when whipping up your ice-cream base. You can add some protein powder to make it extra healthy and go crazy on the toppings). We love the added extras of chopped up strawberries, cacao nibs, frozen jewel-like pomegranate seeds, sweet sprinkles, and even a little block of dark chocolate or two. This is an excellent choice for when you have small ones visiting. Get the full recipe here.


Peach Melba Sundae


This classic concoction comes with a twist. The Peach Melba Sundae calls on the fresh and light delight of raspberry sorbet, sweet tinned peaches, a pinch of icing sugar, and a wafer or two. If you want to keep it strictly healthy, you can swap out the tinned peaches for something fresh, skip the icing sugar, and wave farewell to the wafers opting instead to dress with crushed nuts or cereals. Get the original recipe here and dress it up how you see best.

Which sundaes are floating your boat? Share your favorite healthy ice-cream tips in the comments.

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