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Fair Trade Brands for Guilt Free Gifting


Giving gifts to those you love can be glorious, but for those who are concerned about the state of the planet, it can have you breaking out into a sweat. Large corporations, sweatshops, and contributing to problematic companies are just the tip of a very deep and difficult iceberg to navigate. We all want to live in a world where buying ethically is easy. With that in mind, we have curated a simple list of fabulous fair-trade brands so you can enjoy guilt-free gifting this year…


The Little Market


A dazzling small company set up by two women who wanted to collaborate with artisan makers across the globe, The Little Market works exclusively with cooperatives and social enterprises. Not only will buying from them ensure that you are putting your pennies in the pockets of the makers, but they make it their business to source from groups in great need, including those living in poverty, with a disability, transitioning out of homelessness and those who are survivors. Peruse their website for a glorious collection of homewares, candles, spa delights, and toys.


Makers Unite


The Syrian refugee crisis rocked the world and as a result, thousands of life jackets piled up on beaches across Greece as a symbol of the loss and horror. A Dutch company decided to do something with those jackets by starting a social enterprise that upcycled the life jackets into bags and iPod sleeves. The Makers Unite program is run by people who come from a refugee background and profits run deep into creating training and skill share programs for new arrivals.




Everyone loves Lush! The beauty brand with a big heart. The fresh handmade cosmetics are completely vegan, ethically sourced, and while they don’t carry the fair-trade label due to licensing rights (read here if you are concerned), Lush does lots of work across the board to ensure consistent sustainable and ethical practices. From ensuring animal protection to keeping child labour far from their products, buying from small scale farms, indigenous tribes, and from women in remote areas of the world, we love the ethos behind Lush, and their products are pretty amazing too.


Seed and Bean


It wouldn’t be Christmas without chocolate and for those who want to indulge their sweet tooth without a hint of bitterness, fair trade is the only way to go. Seed and Bean have been awarded a full 100 / 100 by the ethical company index for their inspiring practice. Small scale batches, sourced from small scale suppliers, and with every inch of its packaging (including the foil) being fully compostable, there isn’t anything to pick apart. Also, their chocolate is top-notch with a range of recipes and flavours to fit your palate.


Lost Sheep Coffee


Who doesn’t want a little seasonal spring in their step? For the coffee lover in your life, why not consider getting a beautiful bag of beans from our favourite fair trade indie coffee companies. Lost Sheep Coffee certainly make this list with their fair wages for farmers, direct trading, and fully traceable business model. We are high fiving the sheer transparency of this brand, not to mention that amazing soulful coffee they are so adept at creating.

Which fair-trade brands are you loving? Share with us in the comments and let’s get penning those wish lists.

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